WPH Shines Light on Volunteer Reporters

Posted on Sep 8 2015 - 6:24am by DV

Tucson, AZ, Press-  Veronica Watson Figueroa, Matthew Schwee Chu and Ryan Bowler are awarded a free #teamrace shirt for their #teamreporting these past weeks.  Every non profit organization dreams of having those who donate and give time and energy.  Well, the WPH (World Players of Handball Foundation) is no different.  This week, we would like to honor three individuals who acted like WPH Reporters in lieu of no payment, no recognition, no fame!  “These individuals took it upon themselves to highlight the world with their handball tournament scores and updates,” says WPH Executive Director, Dave Vincent.  “It is hard sometimes getting current news when it happens, but thanks to Veronica, Matthew, and Ryan, we were able to look into some major handball events over the past month, with their constant reporting.”

WPH will send a personalized pro tour shirt to all three outstanding ambassadors of the game, in this month’s Spotlight Award.

At an event?  Contact us with scores and news:  info@wphlive.tv  …we will rebroadcast it!