Carroll, Casey, and Fink Nab 2019 Race 4 Eight Player’s Cups

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Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 6/4/19- Race 4 Eight Elite stars start each season with one goal in mind; winning the Race 4 Eight Player’s Cup. The Race 4 Eight Player’s Cup is given to the player who finishes the season #1 on his or her respective tour, recognizing the Race 4 Eight tour’s Player of the Year.

Killian Carroll clinched his third consecutive Race 4 Eight Player’s Cup by winning the 2019 R48 Aces Player’s Championship. With his third Cup, the K Train separated himself from Luis Moreno (2) and Paul Brady (2) for the most Player of the Year honors on the R48 tour. “It’s very special to win the Cup and it’s something that means a lot to me,” expressed Carroll.

Catriona Casey grabbed hold of the WR48 Player’s Cup in the inaugural WR48 season in 2014 and has never relinquished control of the coveted Cup, clinching her sixth consecutive WR48 Player’s Cup with an undefeated 2018/19 WR48 season that saw the WR48 #1 seeing off challenges from the world’s best. “I just love playing the tour and I’m very proud to have won the Player’s Cup this season,” stated Casey.

David Fink clinched his second consecutive SR48 Player’s Cup with an undefeated 2018/19 SR48 tour campaign, holding off four-time SR48 Player’s Cup champion Marcos Chavez for the prestigious honor. “It means a lot to me to win the SR48 Player’s Cup,” stated Fink. “Winning the Cup requires consistency and great play over the course of seven months, and when facing a great champion like Marcos Chavez in all three finals, I needed to be at my best in every event. I’m thrilled to have added my name to the SR48 Cup for the second time!”

R48 Player’s Cup Champions

2012: Luis Moreno

2013: Charly Shanks

2014: Luis Moreno

2015: Paul Brady

2016: Paul Brady

2017: Killian Carroll

2018: Killian Carroll

2019: Killian Carroll

WR48 Player’s Cup Champions

2014: Catriona Casey

2015: Catriona Casey

2016: Catriona Casey

2017: Catriona Casey

2018: Catriona Casey

2019: Catriona Casey

SR48 Player’s Cup Champions

2013: John Bike, Jr.

2014: Marcos Chavez

2015: Marcos Chavez

2016: Marcos Chavez

2017: Marcos Chavez

2018: David Fink

2019: David Fink

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WPH RACE 4 EIGHT: The World Players of Handball’s 2018/19 Race 4 Eight 8 Powered by ESPN features R48 stops in Georgia, Arizona, Oregon, Montana, Louisiana, and California, culminating with The Player’s Championship in Utah in May of 2019. Similar to NASCAR’s Nextel Cup and the FedEx PGA Playoffs, players earn points in the Race 4 Eight’s regular season stops to qualify for the season-ending Player’s Championship and bonus prizes.

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