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The World Handball & USHA 4 Wall National Championships are here (Aug 9-19, 2018).  Watch LIVE coverage each day before noon (times vary) local Minneapolis, MN, time.  WPHLiveTV & USHA will be filming and streaming the action on Youtube and FacebookLive

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Friday August 18th, 2018 Broadcast Schedule (all times CDT)

11:00am               Killian Carroll (MA) vs Robbie McCarthy (IRE)

1:00pm                 Martin Mulkerrins (IRE) vs Paul Brady (IRE)

After 1pm, all aired matches will be subject to change and are considered “Bonus Matches” TBD

3:00pm                 Select Men’s or Women’s Singles or Doubles TBD

4:00pm                Select Men’s or Women’s Singles or Doubles TBD

5:00pm                Select Men’s or Women’s Singles or Doubles TBD

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Saturday 8/18 Men’s Final 4WSB Open

11:00am               Men’s Open Singles Final (TBD)

Saturday 8/18 Women’s 4s 4WSB Open

12:00pm               Women’s Open Singles Semifinal (TBD)

1:00pm                 Women’s Open Singles Semifinal (TBD)

Saturday 8/18 Women’s or Men’s 4s 4WSB Open Doubles

2:00pm                 Men’s or Women’s select Doubles Semifinals (TBD)

3:00pm                 Men’s or Women’s select Doubles Semifinals (TBD)

Sunday 8/19 Women’s Final 4WSB Open

10:00am               Women’s Singles Final (TBD)

Sunday 8/19 Men’s & Women’s Final 4WSB Open Doubles

11:00am               Men’s Open Doubles Final (TBD)

1:00pm                 Women’s Open Doubles Final (TBD)


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