WPH Wednesday Workouts: Leg Strength

Posted on Sep 9 2020 - 5:00am by DV

WPH Press, 9/9/20

Last week’s WPH Wednesday Workout focused on Footwork (HERE) – how you can become more agile, faster, quicker and more explosive. This week we’ll focus on building leg strength. Strong legs will see you dominating Sunday morning, while weak legs will see you trunk slamming on Friday night. The will to win is an erroneous cliché – it’s the will to prepare that’s an infallible recipe for success.

We all know that when your legs go, your game goes. If you can keep your legs strong and not turning to jelly midway through the match, you’ll finish stronger than you started. Have you noticed a pattern in Killian Carroll’s matches? The “K Train” starts slow, usually playing even with his opponent throughout the first half of the first game. Then slowly Killian starts to pull away. Why? He’s worn down his opponent while he’s just warming up.

When seven-time grand slam champion Andre Agassi found himself three hours into a match, Andre’s fitness coach Gil Reyes would yell to Andre from somewhere in the stadium, “Trust your legs Andre!” Those four words usually propelled Agassi to victory. Andre ran up and down hills for hours at a time in 110 degree Las Vegas heat, in addition to numerous exercises to isolate his leg muscles to be prepared for grueling three-plus hour matches.

How can you be more like Killian and Andre? Add twice-a-week leg training to your routine and stick with it. If you’re not used to leg training, start slow. Overdoing leg training when not accustomed to working out your legs will leave you immobile for days and bring a swift end to your grandiose leg training plans.

Here are some leg training routines that will make you stronger and help you win more matches:

The ATHLEAN-X Perfect Leg Workout (highly advanced) HERE

Obi Vincent’s Most Effective Bodyweight Workout HERE

HellahGood Maintaining Leg Strength (no weights) HERE

WPH Wednesday Workout: Legs HERE

Remember, go at your own pace, start slow and embrace the soreness…soreness means you’re building strength!

David Fink

WPH Fitness Director 

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