WPH Wednesday Workouts: Footwork

Posted on Sep 2 2020 - 5:00am by DV

WPH Press, 9/2/20

Handball is all about the feet. The best players in the sport are the players with the best footwork. Paul Brady won five consecutive world titles because he has the best balance and agility in the modern game. Killian Carroll has dominated the Race 4 Eight tour with 15 titles in the last four years because of his blazing speed and ability to move into position to strike the proper shot. Catriona Casey appears to float on top of the court with light feet and a lightning fast first step. Naty Alvarado, Sr., and Jimmy Jacobs were known for shrinking the court with quickness and explosiveness en route to dominating their eras.

You cannot consistently hit great shots unless you are in position. “Handball is 90% legs,” stated the Wrap Around’s 31-time Masters national champion Dr. Dan Zimet. “By getting to position quickly and keeping a strong, solid base with athletic posture, good things happen.”

How can you improve your footwork? Do what the pros do – spend time working on your agility, balance, first step and explosiveness.

Tools to help you improve your footwork:

  • Agility Ladder
  • Speed cones
  • Jump rope
  • Speed training hurdles
  • Resistance bands

Purchase your speed training equipment HERE

There are dozens of speed training videos online. Below are a few to get started.

Coach Dabul Tennis Fitness Training HERE

Xceleration 25 Agility Ladder Drills HERE

Profect Sports Five Cone Drills HERE

Make more gets and win more matches – acquire your fitness tools and start improving your speed, agility and explosiveness today.

David Fink

WPH Fitness Director

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