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R48 #29 Dylan Hernandez will lead next Wednesday’s WPH Workout at 3 pm EST on June 17. More info on Dylan’s June 17th WPH Wednesday Workout HERE

Dylan Hernandez is a part of the powerhouse LAAC team and will ensure that the LAAC handball legacy continues into the next generation. Hernandez is armed with two great hands and an even-keeled disposition and has proven he can beat the best in the sport. Inspired by his father and the triumvirate of Marcos Chavez, Mando Ortiz and Vic Perez, Hernandez is a player to watch into the next decade and beyond.

Dylan recently took the WPH 26-Question Rapid Fire Challenge. Let’s get to know one of the R48’s future stars!

Dylan Hernandez WPH 26-Question Rapid Fire Challenge

  1.      Best city to play: Los Angeles/Fountain Valley
  2.    Who is your toughest opponent: In all of handball Paul Brady or Killian Carroll. At my club (LAAC), I’d say Vic Perez or Mando Ortiz. 
  3.    Fastest person in handball: Killian Carroll.
  4.    Who is the hardest hitter in handball: Paul Brady or Mando Ortiz.
  5.    Best server in handball: The best server that will consistently serve well is Paul Brady. The best server when hot is Sean Lenning.
  6.    Best off-hand in handball: If Mando Ortiz or Luis Moreno would play I would say one of those guys. But out of players currently playing, I would have to say Paul Brady.
  7.    Handball hero: I can’t say just one because I have so many. But top heroes would have to be Vince Munoz, Marcos Chavez, Mando Ortiz, Tati Silveyra, Vic Perez.
  8.    Favorite court: Los Angeles Athletic Club or Los Caballeros Sports Village.
  9.    Player with the best offense: Robbie McCarthy or Paul Brady. 
  10. Player with the best defense: Killian Carroll.
  11. Most satisfying tournament victory: 2018 LAAC Pre Qualifier Semi-final win against Leo Canales.
  12. Most disappointing loss: 2018 LAAC Pre Qualifier Final against John Wayne.
  13. Most important title to win: Nationals title. 
  14. Favorite doubles partner: Daniel Badillo
  15. Longest match you ever played: I’m not sure. Probably like 2 hours?
  16. Favorite sport besides handball: Baseball or Basketball 
  17. Favorite tournament: Simple Green U.S Open of Handball 
  18. Best match you’ve ever played: When I played Leo Canales at the 2018 LAAC Pre Qualifier.
  19. Best match you’ve ever watched: Live I’ve had to say Paul Brady vs Killian Carroll at Nationals. Online I’d have to say 1994 Nationals Tati Silveyra vs David Chapman.
  20. Title you’d most like to win: I think everybody in handball would love to win a pro nationals title in their lifetime.
  21. Favorite sport to play besides handball: Basketball
  22. Favorite athlete: Kobe Bryant
  23. Most important shot in handball: Fly shot
  24. Your best shot: Back wall shot
  25. Legend you’d most like to play in his prime: There is quite a few, but the most I’d have to say is a prime David Chapman
  26. Best Fans in Handball: Cali fans

. . . Stay-tuned for more Dylan Hernandez content, as Patreon.com/WPHLive will present a special Workout Wednesday video featuring Hernandez on Facebook.com/wphlive at noon pacific time June 17th, as part of “Workout Wednesday” with the WPH.

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