July 1st @ Noon Pacific/3pm Eastern: Workout Wednesday

Posted on Jun 20 2020 - 11:39am by DV
This upcoming Wednesday, Mack Langmack (WPH Ranked Pro on the R48Pro Tour) will bring us an extensive workout routine that he’s been doing since the pandemic, to stay in shape.
. . . In fact, Langmack started performing this program long-before COVID-19 was a household term, “ll be taking you through a circuit workout I’ve been doing to stay in shape. I’d like to credit this routine to Brendan Langmack: my brother who is a DIII Lacrosse Player, Chemist, and all-around cool guy. This routine will emphasize push-ups, sit-ups, running, and core work specifically. Substitute exercises will be listed for those who do not have access to the equipment needed:  This workout will require a pull-up bar and a chair/stool.”
Plus, don’t forget the water bottle and towel!
That’s this upcoming Wednesday LIVE with the World Players of Handball Foundation on Facebook.com/wphlive, Patreon.com/wphlive or WPHLive.TV.
Langmack’s routine will air LIVE at 12 noon/3pm eastern time and is brought to you by the supporters of Patreon.com/WPH.

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