The WPH Honors Fred Banfield

Posted on Dec 20 2014 - 9:45am by DV

Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 11/10/14- The WPH was proud to honor handball’s greatest donor and supporter Fred Banfield with the WPH Lifetime Achievement Award at the home of the WPH in Tucson, AZ. Never wanting or seeking attention, Fred quietly does more for the WPH and handball than any person in history, from making donations to offering professional expertise and advice in all areas of the WPH’s growth.

“It’s hard to really describe want Fred has meant to the WPH and to me personally,” stated an emotional Dave Vincent, WPH Executive Director. “Fred has given our staff, players and fans the opportunity to see our dreams in handball become a reality, supporting our tournaments, broadcasts, junior programs and every initiative we tackle. From all of us at the WPH and around the world of handball, thank you Fred.”

The WPH will continue to honor Fred and his passion for growing the game by highlighting the sport with the utmost class, professionalism and respect for players, sponsors and fans.

Race 4 Eight Super 

Fred Banfield

Age: 74

Height: 5’8

Hometown: Tucson, AZ

Strong hand: right

Home court: Tucson Racquet Club

Favorite athlete: Any pro from Tucson

Best/favorite shot: dump kill

Current Race 4 Eight Fan Ranking: #1

Highest Race 4 Eight Fan Ranking: #1

Best Race 4 Eight Fan Finish: Champion Emeritus

Strengths: kindness, humility, generosity, leadership, modesty

Summary: Fred Banfield is simply the heart and soul of the WPH and is the reason the WPH is able to undertake all of our incredible initiatives. Fred’s vision and passion for handball is unmatched, and he is truly the pioneer of promoting and growing handball in the 21st century. Never one to want or seek attention, Fred watches and observes in the background, admiring the best handball players in the world while likely having no idea how much more those players admire him