Men’s Senior Small Ball 4 Wall Ranking Page: Updated Post World Championships

Posted on May 2 2015 - 9:31am by DV

cropped-IMG_0621.jpgThe WPH Tweak Rankings

In the pursuit of creating the most accurate worldwide and R48 rankings possible, the World Players of Handball has tweaked the R48Pro, WR48Pro and SR48Pro rankings to reflect participation, the biggest events and the best performers.

In the past, the Race 4 Eight rankings have included only events on the R48 spectrum. In the upcoming 2015-2016 Handball and Race 4 Eight season, the World Players of Handball will count five of the player’s best seven events on the R48 tour, seven of the player’s best nine WR48 and worldwide major events in women’s handball and six of the player’s best eight SR48 and major worldwide events in senior handball.

“We want to create the most legitimate worldwide rankings system as possible in a world where crossover play is being promoted and encouraged,” revealed WPH Executive Director David Vincent. “We realize that not every player can participate in every event, so by counting five of the best seven, six of the best eight, or seven of the best nine events, players will be able to miss events and still earn a top ranking with great results. We could see a major shakeup in the coming year, with players from around the world earning their way into 11148451_10153286779423799_8420835606263973131_n (1)the elite, despite not playing in a few events.  I can also see, in the near future, a player winning the 1 wall, 3 wall and 4 wall code all in the same fiscal year.”

The R48Pro rankings (Elite Men) will include only R48 events in the 2015-2016 R48 season, with 2015 Simple Green U.S. Open, Tucson ’15. New Orleans ’16, Houston ’16, NYAC ’16, Salt Lake City ’16 and the WPH Player’s Championship (Portland) ’16 included in the upcoming ranked events, but the WPH isn’t too far off from adding other codes.  “Right now, I could see our group adding Vegas 1 wall & 3 wall, plus US Nationals, Worlds and possibly other high profile events in the near future,” claims Vincent about the potential expansion of the Race4Eight. “This season is a test to see if more, less, or equal competition result from our changes in the women and senior classes.”

11016998_10153286778583799_5194473284986442940_n (1)The 2015-2016 WR48Pro rankings (Women) will include the Simple Green U.S. Open ’14 (eventually replaced by the upcoming US Open in October), San Francisco ’15, New York ’15, Salt Lake City ’15, USHA Four Wall Nationals ’15, Venice Xrossover ’15, USHA 1-Wall Nationals ’15, World Championships ’15,  and the USHA 3-Wall Nationals ’15, the Simple Green U.S. Open ’15, New York ’16, Portland ’16 (and USHA Women’s Classic ’16: dates to be released).  Ranking events will drop after 12 months and be replaced by the most recent version of the event. “We are considering adding the Women’s small ball one & three wall divisions to the rankings for the upcoming Vegas 3WallBall Outdoor Worlds in Las Vegas,” chirps Vincent.  “Not that having 11 women’s ranked events are a bad thing, but would it be overkill? The thought is on our minds and we are weighing the pro’s and con’s.”

mervThe 2015-2016 SR48Pro rankings will include Tucson ’14, Houston ’15, New York ’15, Salt Lake City ’15, USHA Four Wall Nationals ’15, World Championships ’15, Simple Green U.S. Open ’15, and the USHA Master Nationals ’16 (site of the WPH Player’s Championship in Portland, Oregon). Ranking events will drop after 12 months and be replaced by the most recent version of the event. Players playing in the 45+ divisions will be able to earn half the ranking points that the 40+ players earn, meaning that the winner of a 40+ major would earn 10 ranking points and the winner of a 45+ major would earn 5 ranking points.  This same system will be followed by the 55+ and 65+ categories in respect to the 50+ and 60+ divisions.

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2015/16 Race4Eight Schedule

WPH Rules (by entering Race4Eight events, you are agreeing to these terms) HERE>

WPH 40+ SR48Pro Race Points:

1Marcos Chavez (CA)1010
2Naty Alvarado (CA)88
3Chris Watkins (CA)66
4Andrew Schad (D.C.)55
5Raul Jasso (CA)33
5Juan Flores (CA)33
5Dan Zimet (VA)33
5Fergal Coughlan (IRE)33

WPH 40+ Sr48Pro Power Rankings:

RANKPLAYERTOTALTucson ’14Houston ’15NYAC ’14Salt Lake ’14Nats ’15Worlds ’15USO ’15
1Marcos Chavez (CA)441060100810
2Andrew Schad (D.C.)2945105005
3Naty Alvarado (CA)2681000008
4Chris Watkins (CA)245053506
5Dan Armijo (AZ)206086000
6Raul Jasso (CA)110000803
7Arturo Suarez (CA)1000001000
7Ducksy Walsh (IRE)1000000100
9Juan Flores (CA)90000603
10Tyler Hamel (TX)80800000
10Tom Sheridan (IRE)80008000
10Mike Wells (MN)80000350
13Dan Zimet (VA)70004003
14Andy Rousseau (NY)60060000
14Luis Gayton (CA)60000600
16Bear Meiring (CO)40400000
16Danny Bell (CAN)40040000
16Gollo Tellez (CA)40000400
16Eddy Scheruga (AUS)40000040
20Juan Canales (TX)33000000
20Denis Gingras (CAN)30030000
20Al Alverez (CA)30000300
20Niall Kerr (IRE)30000030
20Trevor Huber (CAN)30000030
20Fergal Coughlan (IRE)30000003
26Jon Flynt (CA)20000200
26Jeff Wall (TX)20000200
26John Stoffel (MN)20000200
26Jaime Murillo (CA)20000200

50+ SR48Pro Results:

RANKPLAYERTOTALNats ’15Worlds ’15USO ’15Nat Mast ’16
1Lennart Delatorre (CA)101000
1Gary Scogin (UT)10550
1Danny Bell (CAN)100100
1John Robles (CA)100010
5Gregorio Tellez (CA)8800
5Egin Jensen (IRE)8080
5Joe Castro (CA)8008
8Paul Pfannenstiel (KS)6600
8Bob Kujawski (WI)6600
8Steve Dykes (OH)6420
8Roberto Meneses (CAN)6060
8Paddy Donovan (IRE)6060
8Marc Penick (CA)6303
8Steve Pool (CA)6006
8Jim Carkeek (AZ)6006
16Mike Linnik (CA)5203
17Rory Moore (CA)4400
17Thomas Valenzuela (CA)4400
17Bob Nicholas (CA)4400
17Steve Johnson (MN)4400
17Lou Barberini (CA)4220
17John O’Donoghue (IRE)4040
17Pat Flaherty (IRE)4040
17Shawn Linnell (WI)4040
17Dan Passolt (ND)4040
17Mike Flannery (WA)4040
27Gary Stedman (CA)3300
27Michael Dowling (IRE)3030
27Dan Murphy (WA)3030
27John McDonough (MA)3003
27Tom McGrath (CA)3003
32William Cervantes (MN)2200
32Dave Streibig (MO)2200
32Jay Spooner (ND)2020
32Mike Broverman (CAN)2020

60+ SR48Pro Rankings:

RANKPLAYERTOTALNats ’15Worlds ’15USO ’15Nat Mast ’16
1Ron Strausbaugh (CA)166010
2Jesus Pasos (CA)101000
2John Rossiter (IRE)100100
4Dave Steinberg (OR)8800
4Merv Deckert (CAN)8530
4Ed Campbell (CA)8350
4Michael Hollander8080
4Andy Gutierrez (CA)8008
9Greg Raya (NV)7430
10Vern Roberts (AZ)6600
10Jay Spooner (ND)6060
10Neville Farrelly (IRE)6060
13Boak Ferris (CA)4400
13Bob DeVleming (WA)4400
13Mike Barna (CA)4400
13John Friedrich (CA)4400
13Larry Lenning (AZ)4040
13Dennis Stoner (MT)4040
13Finto Farrelly (IRE)4040
13Peter Larkin (IRE)4040
13Eugene Kennedy (IRE)4040
22Dan Price (CO)3300
23Steven Bauer (CO)2200
23Frank Cikan (MT)2200
23Bruce Handelman (NV)2200
23Rich Goosmann (OH)2200
23Dan Scilley (MT)2020
23Ned Buggy (IRE)2020
23Rich Goosmann (OH)2020
23Ivan Elliot (CAN)2020

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