2015/16 Jr WPH R48Pro V Tour, by ESPN – Rules, Rankings, Schedule

Posted on Dec 5 2015 - 6:30pm by DV

11913986_10153599093893799_5685415262592951480_nAll pro players, aspiring pro players, and handball fans should familiarize themselves with the Race 4 Eight rules, schedule, and rankings/ranking rules. Below are all of the links to the 2015-2016 Race 4 Eight V season.

Race 4 Eight Rules: HERE>

Race 4 Eight V Schedule: HERE>

Race 4 Eight Rankings HERE>

To learn more about the WPH Race4Eight Tour, read past stories, view current rankings or to check the schedule, please go to:  wphlive.tv/category/pro-handball-ranks/

To watch current or past handball matches, please visit the WPH Video page @ www.race4eight.com

To host a R48Pro event in 2016/17, please Contact us.  Space fills up quickly!  Already for the 2016/17 season, the WPH has stops confirmed for:


October ’16, November ’16, February ’17, March ’17, April ’17; December and January are open as of this post.