Kyra Vidas featured: WPH Memory Monday (Aug 12)

Posted on Aug 13 2020 - 11:00am by DV

The WPH is thrilled to present “WPH Memory Mondays” (video) during the ongoing #HandballAtHome quarantine . . . featuring your favorite Race 4 Eight and outdoor pros discussing their favorite handball memories, who inspired them to become a Race 4 Eight player, their favorite tournament and the best player they’ve ever played. You won’t dread Monday mornings any longer!

Known as “K3,” Vidas burst onto the Race 4 Eight scene in late 2018 as a legitimate WR48 top eight contender and WPH reporter.  A self-described “handball junkie,” K3 displays more passion and enthusiasm for the sport than virtually anyone in the game, sometimes traveling to tournaments on four consecutive weekends. When not sending tournament updates and writing WPH feature stories, K3 uses her background in high level sports to challenge the game’s best through a combination of speed, mental toughness, ball placement, and offense.

Look for K3 to make a huge impact on and off the court for many years to come! Enjoy K3’s favorite handball memories, who inspired her, her favorite tournament, and the best player she’s ever played.

This week we bring you Kyra Vidas:

If you have two minutes and an ability to film your answers, then please do contact us.  We want to hear from you:

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