Daniel Cordova Week on Patreon has wrapped

Posted on Aug 13 2020 - 11:00am by DV
The WPH kicks off Daniel Cordova Week with the Danos Rapid Fire Challenge. Following the Danos Rapid Fire Challenge, we’ll Revisit Daniel’s Classic Match with Diarmaid Nash, Crunch the Numbers in Daniel’s 2018 Portland victory against Killian Carroll and conclude the week with an WPH exclusive Danos Interview: The Hop Artist.
It’s all Danos this week on Patreon!
Danos burst onto the Race 4 Eight scene during the 2014-2015 R48 season, advancing to the quarterfinals in three of his first four starts as a qualifier and climbing into the Elite 8 after just five events. Daniel advanced to his first R48 semifinal at the 2015 WPH R48 Player’s Championship, clinching the 2015 R48 Rookie of the Year and solidifying his place amongst the game’s elite. Since his breakthrough season in 2015, Danos has become one of the Race 4 Eight’s most successful players, winning three Race 4 Eight tiles between December of 2018 and October of 2019.   
Danos combines a unique blend of power, speed, versatility, and hops with one of the greatest attitudes on tour to take down great players. Danos is widely regarded by his peers as having the strongest off-hand on the tour. Danos makes up half of the “Flying Cordovas,” with both he and brother Lucho earning their nicknames by diving, sliding, and flying all over the court to make outrageous retrieves. Danos is one of the game’s most exciting stars and regularly draws some of the largest galleries at virtually all of his R48 starts.
We know how Danos plays, now let’s see how he does on the WPH Rapid Fire Challenge.
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