JR WPH Kansas City

Posted on Dec 1 2015 - 1:29pm by DV

bob3Junior WPH is pleased to announce the newest Junior WPH sponsored team, the Junior WPH Kansas City. Junior WPH KC features more than a dozen handball players between the ages of 5-14 learning from Kansas City’s WPH Coach Nick Scherzer and other Kansas City junior handball volunteer coaches.

The young handballers are separated into two groups based on their ages and taught the proper throwing and hitting motions. The older group transitioned quickly into rallying and playing points, while the younger group relished the opportunity to hit the ball and play cross-court two-bounce. “All of the kids loved playing and receiving and praise from the coaches,” revealed Coach Scherzer. “The kids learned the side-arm stroke, the back wall shot, defensive shots, the bowling alley swing, the V-pass and handball strategy.”

The conclusion of the 2015 fall/winter Junior WPH KC session was participation in Kansas City’s Handballesta winter handball tournament. The Junior WPH KC players entered the junior brackets, with the older Junior WPH KC players also entering the Contender Men’s B. Many of the Junior WPH KC members will be heading to the USHA Junior Nationals in Chicago in late December.

bobJunior WPH KC will continue in 2016, with the next session starting in February. “It blows my mind how teachable juniors are in this sport,” stated Coach Scherzer. “All of the kids listen so well and are eager to learn. All of the kids from the 2015 fall/winter session are registered for the 2016 winter/spring session and we’re going to try to recruit more.”

The World Players of Handball is proud to support the WPH Kansas City flourishing junior handball program. Follow the Junior WPH Kansas City and all of the WPH sponsored teams at juniorhandball.org.

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