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Posted on Dec 3 2015 - 10:07am by DV

11334193_804831796291290_3086274823872685945_oFor all of the Junior WPH news from around North America, including the recent Battle of the Border II and Junior WPH Team Juarez at the 50th Anniversary Juarez Handball Tournament Presented by the WPH, go to juniorhandball.org.

11884002_837063476401455_5128711904056577035_oThe Mission of the World Players of Handball is to introduce young people to the game of handball to incorporate an active lifestyle, a sense of teamwork and competition, community spirit, camaraderie, mental focus and physical health. The World Players of Handball employs sports enthusiasts who are passionate handball players and dedicated contributors to society to inspire young people to develop character, integrity, sportsmanship, and the value of hard work, while always adopting the “service before self” mentality. The World Players of Handball embraces diversity by providing opportunities for both men and women of all backgrounds to harness their similarities and differences to clarify, improve, and boost perceptions, build on uniqueness, and encourage people to learn from one another in a supportive and dynamic environment.

10422514_800299346744535_7574146525950625782_nWorld Players of Handball is a nonprofit foundation focusing on the growth of the sport of handball through innovative youth training and competitive events.  A non-profit 501 (c)3, the World Players of Handball promotes, advances, and advocates the sport of handball to create opportunities for young people to become valuable members of and positive contributors to the community by building self-esteem, independence, leadership, and character.

The goal of the World Players of Handball is to incorporate an enduring healthy and active lifestyle in young people in a structured and enjoyable environment.  Incorporating diversity as a key objective allows the World Players of Handball to achieve its purpose, goals, and core values.