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Posted on Apr 23 2015 - 10:21am by DV

IMG_6246_zpsqpc9nlhvThe World Players of Handball wrapped its fourth season of Race 4 Eight play, crowning Sean Lenning, Catriona Casey and Marcos Chavez as the “Player’s Champions.” The WPH Player’s Championship broadcast reached new heights with slow-motion replays and an outstanding Player’s Championship production, complete with multiple camera angles, special guest commentators and incredible matches, while the Ace Disposal Team and the Utah Handball Association presented one of the best events in Race history. The WPH aired the USHA Men’s Collegiate National final on ESPN and covered the USHA Hall of Fame Tournament & Women’s Classic. The WPH also worked with Canadian junior stars and announced the first WPH Outdoor Cup Stop of 2015 in Las Vegas. Read about all of the exciting handball action below!


WPH+Jr+CanadaThe WPH Welcomes Canadian Junior Stars to Tucson: HERE>


ESPN Aired the USHA Collegiate Nationals: HERE>


wcfinal11The 21st USHA Hall of Fame and Women’s Classic:HERE>


Friday at the WPH Aces Player’s Championship: HERE>


10439401_10153286778503799_4330973077309039099_nSaturday at the WPH Aces Player’s Championship: HERE>


Sunday at the WPH Aces Player’s Championship: HERE>


stock-market-crashesWPH Aces Player’s Championship Stock Watch: HERE>


The WPH Aces Player’s Championship Video Recap Show: HERE>


10898132_10153297594318799_4422672609893087025_nSeason-ending R48, WR48 and SR48 Rankings: HERE>


Race 4 Eight History of Champions: HERE>


21989_10153283075028799_5595282588978646210_nRecapping the WPH SLC Player’s Championship and Giving Thanks: HERE>


2015 WPH Outdoor Cup Series Stop #1 Vegas May 29th-31stHERE>


Thank you to all of the sponsors and volunteers that made the 2014-2015 Race 4 Eight Tours so successful, to include Bruce Fabreezio, Naty Alvarado Sr., Fred Banfield, Doug Clark, Omar Lemus, Ron Cole, Kevan Del Grande, Lou Barberini, John Duggan, John Moran, Tom Smario, Lon and Matt Stalsberg, Gary Scogin, Ruben Garza and so many more! Thank you!

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

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