Changes coming to the Local Handball Courts at Randolph

Posted on Aug 18 2019 - 3:59am by DV

The World Players of Handball Foundation is in charge of making changes to those other five courts. The group says the courts are underutilized and in need of upgrades.

Necessary upgrades include new flooring, fencing, lighting, an area for bleachers and a picnic area.

“Randolph’s 3-Wall park is going to create opportunities for thousands of young people in central Tucson to learn and play handball,” boasted WPH Development Director David Fink to KOLD’s news reporter Kevin Adger in one of the three live segments on KOLD’s morning news. “We believe this park will be one of the most impactful initiatives we’ve seen in Tucson since Carl Porter’s group built the TAC and brought the USHA Hall of Fame to town, as it will host to junior clinics, junior handball teams, and  mega 3 – Wall tournaments–All open to the general public!”
“When we saw the press release for the new courts we had to come down and check it all out,” stated Adger, who donned pro handball gloves and played the game for the first time in the second live segment w/Dave Fink. “We are looking forward to coming back upon the completion of the project and following-up on the progress.  This project is really exciting for midtown Tucson and those that visit us.”

WPH would like to use the courts for youth development and to get adults involved in the game. The upgrades will also provide WPH with the space needed for handball tournaments.

The plan is for the work to begin on the project sometime around Labor Day and then have things completed by November.

Stay tuned to and all of the WPH’s social media sites for exciting updates from the Randolph 3-Wall courts. See you on the courts soon!

Read the full story from KOLD HERE

“Thank you to KOLD and Kevin Adger for showcasing the sensational Randolph 3-Wall project and creating serious buzz in Tucson.”

Randolph Rec Center to be Refurbished: Needs Donations ~ Needs Community Support!  More: HERE

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In order to provide sufficient funds for the improvements, we are requesting that our members/friends and the larger handball community consider contributing toward the associated costs. All donations will be tax deductible and greatly appreciated.



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Checks, Cashier Checks & Money Orders written to:  World Players of Handball Foundation​ (In the memo section, please write:  Randolph Refurb or 3 Wall Randolph)
Cash remitted in person to a WPH Representative and/or for those mailing checks, to:  WPH, 3561 E Sunrise Drive #125, Tucson, AZ, 85718
You may also hand checks and cash to a WPH Representative:  Ashley Moler, Lolita De Vincent, David Fink, Trish Fink, Jeff Healam, Benny Young, Doug Clark, Charles Charvoz, Brenda Hays, Fred Banfield, and Dave Vincent.  A rep should give you a receipt acknowledging your gift; however, an official receipt w/WPH letterhead will be issued via mail within two weeks of the donation.
​The World Players of Handball Foundation is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Foundation.  Your donations, if earmarked, will go toward the funding of the 3 Wall Randolph Refurbishment Program.  All online donations, using the links provided here only, will also go toward the Randolph Refurb project.  
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