2023/24 Race 4 Eight Schedule

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Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 6/6/23

The World Players of Handball and its sponsors are thrilled to present the thirteenth Race 4 Eight season, starting this October in Portland and ending in May of 2024 in Salt Lake City. The 2023/24 Race 4 Eight season will feature eight events, with the tour traveling to the St. Louis Hinder Club for the first time in January and returning to handball hotspots in Portland, Tucson, Missoula, Juarez, and Salt Lake City.

The Race 4 Eight tour kicked off at the Plummer Bash in Idaho in October of 2011 and has hosted eighty events since the Bash in Idaho, with 136 events combining the R48Pro, WR48, and SR48.

The R48 Men’s Pro will play eight events in the eight-event, eight-month 2023/24 Race 4 Eight tour, the WR48 pros will compete in four events during the season and the SR48 pros will compete in three events.

The current R48 Men’s Pro rankings feature players from Mexico, Ireland and the U.S. in the top five, while the WR48 Fab Four feature women from Ireland and the U.S., while the SR48 Fab Four also features players from the U.S. and Ireland.

The R48 Men’s Pros will play six 4-Wall singles events, one 3-Wall singles event and for the first time, one 4-Wall doubles ranking event.

Mens Rankings Methodology (PDF)

Womens Rankings Methodology (PDF)

Seniors Rankings Methodology (PDF)

Six of the eight events will be broadcast live on ESPN, with the other two events also being made available for viewing.

See the 2023/24 Race 4 Eight schedule and entry information below.

2023/24 Race 4 Eight Schedule

Stop #1: October 6-8, 2023 Portland Classic R48Pro w/ ESPN

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Stop #2: November 3-5, 2023 Tucson Memorial – R48Pro, WR48, SR48 w/ ESPN

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Stop #3: December 16-17, 2023 R48Pro Tucson 3-Wall Icebreaker

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Stop #4: January 12-14, 2024 Race 4 Eight St. Louis Chapman Memorial & MO State Doubles – R48Pro, WR48, SR48 w/ ESPN

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Stop #5: February 2-4 2024 Red Death Montana – R48Pro w/ ESPN

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Stop #6: March 29-31 2024 Juarez – R48Pro, WR48

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Stop #7: April 12-14, 2024 Tucson Hall of Fame R48Pro Doubles

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Stop #8: May 3-5, 2024 Player’s Championship Salt Lake City – R48Pro, WR48, SR48 w/ ESPN

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The WPH reserves the right to add or remove events

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