WPH WR48Pro Women’s Rankings – Post Simple Green US Open – Oct 2015

Posted on Oct 27 2015 - 1:24pm by DV

IMG_5327The Simple Green US Open of Handball & WPH Race4Eight collided October 22nd-25th, 2015, as the Los Caballeros sports Village featured the best players from around the world.  Catriona Casey finished her umpteenth-straight WPH event in the finals, but did not capture the season beginning stop, when Aisling Really took down the Cork, Ireland, standout in the third set.

Below, you will find two sets of rankings.  The first set is the Race Points.  Each season, we wipe the slate clean by removing all points, as we have the players earn them back in order to get the final invite (Portland, Oregon 2016); with player incentives, bonus cash and more on the line.

The second set of ranking points shows you the current overall rankings (WPH Power Rankings).

WPH Rules, Payouts and More (PDF), HERE>

Race Points 2015/16 Season Post US Open Oct 2015:

1Aisling Reilly (IRE)1010
2Catriona Casey (IRE)88
3Martina McMahon (IRE)66
4Jessica Gawley (CAN)55
5Tracy Davis (CA)33
6Aoife McCarthy (IRE)33
7Yvonne August (CA)33
8Jean Kastner (OR)33


WPH Power Rankings 2015/16 Post US open Oct 2015:

1Catriona Casey (IRE)6610101010100808
2Danielle Daskalakis (NY)406455610400
3Aisling Reilly (IRE)3600880010010
4Ciana Ni Churraoin IRE)28080680600
5Jessica Gawley (CAN)25804400405
6Martina McMahon (IRE)24066000606
7Sandy Ng (NY)14000068000
8Tracy Davis (CA)12500000403
9Aoife McCarthy (IRE)11050300003
10Megan Dorneker (IL)100000000100
11Yvonne August (CA)9330000003
12Hilary Rushe (IRE)8000000080
13Maria Daly (IRE)4000000400
13Peixoto de Melo (CA)4400000000
15Ashley Moler (CA)3003000000
15Jean Kastner (OR)3000000003