WPH R48Pro Men’s Elite Race Rankings: Post Simple Green US Open – Oct 2015

Posted on Oct 27 2015 - 12:17pm by DV

IMG_8603The World Players of Handball’s Professional Tour of 2015/16, Powered by ESPN, started off with a bang at the Simple Green US Open of Handball in Fountain Valley, CA, when Paul Brady was tested by not only Sean Lenning in the semis, but Luis Moreno in the finals.  To watch on ESPN’s on-demand page, go to www.race4eight.com.

Below, you will find two sets of rankings.  The Race Rankings will determine which top player will be invited to Portland, Oregon, in May of 2016.  The top eight will receive a free hotel accommodation with another pro, free waived entry and $750 in travel cash just for taking the final invite.  This Elite Eight member will also get a top 8 seed and will avoid the qualifying process.

The WPH starts each season by wiping the slate clean and erasing the Race rankings.  The points for the Race begin with the Simple Green US Open (Oct) and end with the final regular season stop (Salt Lake City) in April, of 2016.  At each stop, the players accumulate points and at the end of the season, each player in the final eight will receive bonus payouts.


Race Points below: (Post US Open Oct 2015)

RANK                                        PLAYER                                                                                                                                                                              PTS

1Paul Brady (IRE)10
2Luis Moreno (AZ)8
3Sean Lenning (AZ)6
4Robbie McCarthy (IRE)5.5
5Killian Carroll (IRE)4
6Emmett Peixoto (CA)3.5
7Armando Ortiz (CA)3
8Diarmaid Nash (IRE)3

The WPH Power Rankings, best five of seven, are below: (Post US open Oct 2015)


RANKPLAYERTOTALUSO ’14Tucson ’14Houston ’15San Fran ’14NYAC ’14Salt Lake ’14US Open ’15
1Paul Brady (IRE)5010101010100.510
2Luis Moreno (AZ)368866168
3Sean Lenning (AZ)340.53846106
4Emmett Peixoto (CA)28466843.53.5
5David Fink (AZ)20.5163.560.540
6Armando Ortiz (CA)2031.533383
7Daniel Cordova (MEX)1500.54325.50
8Naty Alvarado (CA)14.55.5000630
9Stephen Cooney (IRE)1023.520.51.510
10Luis Cordova (MEX)
11Marcos Chavez (CA)90133.50.510
12Jon Iglesias (NY)8.51.5210.53.500
13Andy Nett (MN)80000800
14Vic Perez (CA)7.5030.51.511.50
15Diarmaid Nash (IRE)6.53.5000003
16Charles Shanks (IRE)66000000
17Abraham Montijo (AZ)5.50.540.50.5000
17Robbie McCarthy (IRE)5.50000005.5
19Killian Carroll (IRE)40000004
20Mike Schneider (NY)3.500000.530
21Anthony Selestow (WI)3.510.
21Colin Crehan (IRE)30000300
23Erik Torres (CA)2.50.5101000
24Braulio Ruiz (CA)1.50.5010000
25Adam Bernhard (TX)100.50.50000
25Martin Mulkerrins (IRE)10001000
27JT Hingey (CO)0.5000000.50
27Tom Sheridan (IRE)0.5000000.50

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