WPH History Trivia Quiz: Until Jan 30th

Posted on Jan 18 2016 - 10:31am by DV

10316The World Players of Handball is kicking off the New Year with a WPH Quiz that will challenge all facets of your WPH knowledge. From the Race 4 Eight and WPH Outdoor to Junior WPH and WPH History and more!  Reader beware: you will need to have a comprehensive mastery over all things WPH to ace this quiz and it won’t be easy!

The winner will receive one free tournament entry into the WPH event of his or her choice + a WPH R48 jersey.

Submit your answers to fink@race4eight.com

The World Players of Handball Foundation

  • Who has won the most Men’s R48 titles on the Race 4 Eight tour?
  • Who has appeared in the most Men’s R48 finals without winning a title?
  • Name four Junior WPH Sponsored Programs
  • Who are the only player(s) to have won a WR48 title through the 2015 Simple Green U.S. Open?
  • Who holds the most singles titles on the WPH Outdoor Women’s Player’s Cup series?
  • Where was the first R48 event held?
  • Who is the first Irish-born player to have won a R48 event?
  • Since the inception of the WPH Outdoor Player’s Cup Series in 2012 and including the Simple Green U.S. Open 3-Wall singles (2012-2015), which WPH Outdoor star has won the most pro singles titles?
  • Other than Juan Santos and Samzon Hernandez, what three WPH Outdoor pros have captured a WPH Outdoor Player’s Cup pro singles title?
  • Which Irish-born players have been ranked #1 on the Men’s R48 tour?
  • Name five WPH Certified Coaches
  • As of January 15, 2016, which facility has hosted the most official R48 events?
  • Who is the youngest R48 Men’s Pro to finish the season in the Elite 8?
  • Who is the youngest player to ever appear in a R48 or WR48 final?
  • Who has won the most SR48 titles?
  • Where was the first SR48 event held?
  • Name five of the WPH’s “Most Influential” from 2005-2015
  • How many ranking points is the winner of a R48 event awarded?
  • What and when is halftime in a WPH Qualifier match?
  • Which WPH Outdoor star has appeared in the most WPH Outdoor Player’s Cup Men’s Singles Finals without winning a title?

WPH GolfSubmit your answers in the hyperlinked .doc (here) by January 30, 2016 (or just copy and past the above questions/answers into your email body and send)

The winner will receive a free entry into the WPH event of his/her choice + a WPH R48 Pro shirt (event must take place within 6 months of the conclusion of this promotion; event must be sanctioned by the WPH)

The winner will either be the first to submit all of the correct answers or the participant that answers the most correct answers by January 30, 2016, if no submission is entirely correct

Email completed quiz and questions to David Fink: fink@race4eight.com