WPH Outdoor X-Fest II – The Xrossover – June 10th

Posted on May 24 2016 - 7:28am by DV

11146663_10153455070918799_5443125003125342462_oSurf City, California, Marina Park – June 10-12th, 2016
1Wall/3Wall Big & Small Ball – Combined A (pro) Men & Women Champs will be Crowned!!!  On Line Entry and Info HERE>

WPH Outdoor & Junior WPH collide for the second straight year, as Marina Park in Surf City, Huntington Beach, CA, is home to the Xrossover Challenge, “X-Fest ’16!”

June 10-12th, outdoor professional handball men and women will converge to SoCal’s premier outdoor park in beautiful Huntington Beach; just minutes from sandy beaches! This time around, the WPH will find and crown the best small ball 3 wall, big ball (wallball) 3 wall & 1 wall big ball doubles players in the game. “Last year at the Venice Beach Handball Courts Sean Lenning and Catriona Casey took home titles,” says WPH Director, Dave Vincent. “This year, we have added one wallball doubles and just the pro divisions will seek the ultimate crossover star of the game.” WPH will offer 3wallball 40+ singles and B 3wallball doubles, plus Junior 3wallball singles in an array of age divisions.

11537939_10153455070358799_8676635317141921660_nThis year’s event will bring ranking points toward the cup series labeled, Race2Vegas, and will include results from all three codes (pro men and women only). “If a player enters 3wallball A (pro) singles, then that player must also enter 3wall small ball A (pro) singles and 1wallball doubles,” claims Vincent. “All A (pro) men and women will gather results from three codes, three separate brackets and a champion will be crowned.” WPH Outdoor will have prize money, yellow jerseys, ranking points and special prizes and competitions, plus pro player clinics and more throughout the weekend.

Just after the announcement was made [ a couple days back], top stars from all over the globe flocked to the entry line to throw their names into the hat:  Catriona Casey (Ireland), Juan Santos, Armando Ortiz, Ciana Ni Churraoin (IRE), Samzon Hernandez, Tracy Davis, Shorty Ruiz, Timothy Gonzalez (NY), David Fink (AZ) and more since the time of this posting.  Entry Form is HERE>

Junior WPH will offer Saturday and Sunday only play with advanced signups for $5.00 on line and $10.00 on-site w/9am registration on Saturday only. Play for juniors will begin at 10am & 11am and conclude Sunday. Junior players will enter just one junior division on line and will be placed in a bracket based on age and skill.

If you are competing in both this & the 4 wall nationals in Minnesota a week later, please enter this tournament online and the WPH, w/donation by Fink/Vincent, will pay for your USHA singles entry only. Offer only good for those that have not entered the 4 wall nationals at the time of purchase of entry into this X-Fest event. Email Fink/Vincent @ info@wphlive.tv for details. The WPH does not want a player to choose between this tournament and the USHA and if you are having difficulties deciding which tournament to play in, please choose the 4 wall nationals. By no means should this event stand in the way of a national championship event, and to prove it, we will pay for your US National Championship first division if you decide to play in both. See WPH for details before making purchases.


11160628_10153455078463799_6922029070096455325_oAll Xrossover Divisions:

Women’s A (pro) 3W BB Singles, 3W SB Singles, 1W BB Doubles ***Note: There is a cap at 16 players in singles and 8 doubles teams; WPH will allow more players in this division as long as an even number of players participate (ie 12, 14, 18, etc); Less than 8 players in these divisions and 1W will be singles instead of doubles

Men’s A (pro) 3W BB Singles, 3W SB Singles, 1W BB Doubles ***Note: There is a cap at 32 players in singles and 16 doubles teams; WPH will allow more players in this division as long as an even number of players participate (ie 12, 14, 18, etc)

**Note: if you enter the A (pro) in either the Men or the Women’s singles, you must play in the brackets above to be eligible for cash, trophies, title, yellow jerseys and ranking points

11028051_10153455082553799_7136190350452328465_nRegular Tournament Big Ball Divisions (Non Xrossover):
3W 40+ Big Ball Men’s Singles
3W B Big Ball Men’s Doubles
Juniors:  3W Big Ball 9u, 12u, 15u, 18u singles w/on-the-spot doubles (Sat/Sun only)


Xrossover only Small Ball 3W format:
15-15-11 (from first round to the finals); win by one; traditional scoring
Quad serving only; no two wall serves; no second serves: The receiver picks the side on which he or she wants to receive on the first serve. The server alternates sides thereafter
Big Ball 3W format:
12-12-12 (from first to last); win by one; traditional scoring
No two wall serves, no second serves
1 Wall Big Ball Doubles format:
One game to 21; win by one; traditional scoring


WPH will award prize money in A (pro) Men’s & Women’s Combined Divisions, 40+ Senior Singles and B 3 Wall Doubles.

Men’s A (pro) Combined: WPH will calculate your results from 3 Wall Big Ball + 3 Wall Small Ball + 1 Wall Big Ball doubles and will pay out based on your overall ranking between the three divisions; down to the quarters: 1st $3,000, 2nd $2,000, 3rd $1,000, 4th $700, 5th $500, 6th $350, 7th $250, 8th $200 – If you enter one division, you must play in all three to qualify for prize money. This is a yellow jersey event and a Cup Champion will be crowned. A player will receive an individual ranking for each division they play as part of the WPH Outdoor Tour and each division will count as 1.5 X the normal ranking points (Vegas counts as 2 X or Double ranking points).

Women’s A (pro) Combined: Like the men, WPH will calculate your results from three divisions- 3 Wall Big & Small Ball Singles & 1 Wall Big Ball Doubles: 1st: $1,500, 2nd: $1,000, 3rd: $500, 4th: $350, 5th-8th: Need at least 16 Participants for increased payouts. This is a yellow jersey event and a Cup will be awarded!

Men’s B 3 Wall Doubles: To be split 50/50 – 1st $500, 2nd $450, 3rd $350, 4th $250, 5th thru 8th $150

40+ 3Wall Singles: 1st: $300, 2nd $200, 3rd $150, 4th $100 – This is a Yellow Jersey Event

Juniors:  Trophies for finalists


All players must wear eyeguards even while practicing.  First offense is a warning; second is escorted off the premises.

  • All “A” (pro) men and women must play in all three pro events (3w big & small singles/1w doubles); all small ball players must wear gloves
  • All non “A” divisions can play in a total of two divisions (one singles and one doubles).  For example, you can enter the B doubles and 40+ singles.  You cannot enter the B doubles and all “A” brackets
  • All B doubles players, you cannot be ranked in the “A” and still play B doubles.  Rankings HERE>

Local Hotel & Park Info (Go to Hotels.com, search the ark address)

Marina Park
15871 Graham St.
Huntington Beach, California 92649

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Event Info and Registration HERE>