2016 Final Outdoor Cup Rankings

Posted on Sep 28 2016 - 1:11pm by DV

14494615_10154582947813799_804515518881348201_nAll season long the WPH Outdoor players strived to gather points.  This past weekend in Vegas it came down once again to the final match of the event to determine the men and the women’s champs.  In the end, Tanisha Groomes and Juan Santos take the trophy.  Starting this season, the WPH pays a bonus to those in the top four.

Top 4 Ranked Men & Women’s Bonus Payouts for the 2016 Race2Vegas goes as follows:

Juan Santos & Tanisha Groomes – 1st $1,000

Timothy Gonzalez & Tracy Davis – 2nd $500

Shorty Ruiz & Ciana Ni Churraoin – 3rd $400

Alfredo Morales & Danielle Daskalakis – 4th $350

…Simple Green’s US Open will count as a ranked event, although it will not be part of the cup series.  Expect changes at the top, as the players in all brackets find themselves being pursued.

How we do it:

Rankings include A Singles (pro) and A Doubles (pro) results from the RD 8 to 1st Place and may take a player’s best results from three divisions if 1 Wall and/or small ball is offered.  Points are allotted as: 1st 10pts, 2nd 8pts, 3rd 7pts (6pts if only semifinals), 4th 6pts, 5th-8th 4pts, (player(s) must win at least one match to get points when applicable; player may lose points if no-show or forfeit).  Some stops bring .50 points and even .25 points. Vegas & US Open bring 1.5 x more points. If the bracket has less than 16 players that bracket will offer 1/2 points of the 10 max points being offered.  If a pro division has less than 5 players, than that division would bring 1/4 total points (ie. 2.5 for first place, etc). Race Vegas will use the best three of four of your best results to determine the Cup Champ and bonuses will be paid out to the top four players (if those four play in the pro division at the Simple Green US Open as a “paid” participant). Questions?  Contact the WPH: info@wphlive.tv.  WPH will seed events by giving the #1 player and #2 player the #1 & #2 seeds, respectively.  #3 and #4 ranked pros will be seeded #3 & #4 by coin flip.  #5-#8 will be pulled out of a hat in a blind draw.  #9-#16 will then be drawn from a hat in a blind draw, when applicable.



2016 Junior WPH Outdoor Rankings Junior WPH Outdoor stars have competed in at Nietes Park (CA), Downey Park (CA), Las Vegas (Vegas Lte), Marina Park (CA), and at the 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships (NV) throughout the 2016 Junior WPH Outdoor season, with more than 200 youngsters from the United States, Mexico, and Europe competing on junior handball’s greatest outdoor stage. JR WPH has also held exciting junior handball clinics at each of the stops, providing youngsters with the ability to learn from the best in the sport. Congratulations to all of the junior stars for their amazing play, sportsmanship, and passion for handball this season. Check out who tops the Junior WPH rankings below. Junior WPH Outdoor 19-and-under Rankings ‘16