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Posted on Sep 19 2020 - 5:08am by DV

Brought to you by Patreon supporters of the WPH

The WPH is thrilled to present “WPH Memory Mondays” during the ongoing #HandballAtHome quarantine . . .  featuring your favorite Race 4 Eight and outdoor pros discussing their favorite handball memories, who inspired them to become a Race 4 Eight player, their favorite tournament and the best player they’ve ever played. You won’t dread Monday mornings any longer!

Joe Delsardo has been a longtime supporter of the WPH and has worked his way into a viable threat on the handball court after a successful college football career.  Today, he sits back and answers four questions for us on Memory Monday!

One of the brain-trusts behind Memory Monday, Kyra Vidas, has answered her four questions:


Luckily for the WPH, we have friends and one of our good ones took the time to bring us this Monday Memory: (Suz Entzeroth)


Leo Canales, Jr. qualified for the first time at 21 years of age at the 2016 R48 Minnesota, defeating perennial R48 standout Anthony Selestow to earn his pro status. Canales advanced to his first R48 semifinal at the 2019 Tucson Memorial with impressive victories against R48 #8 Marcos Chavez and R48 #14 Niall O’Connor to move into the R48 top 10 for the first time.
Canales’s steady and reliable game forces his opponents to play their best to beat him, while testing their patience and conditioning. Canales is part of the new group of R48 “Young Guns” poised to make noise on the Race 4 Eight for years to come. Look out for the “Juarez Kid” in the coming years and enjoy the “Juarez Kid” on WPH Memory Mondays.
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This past Week we heard from Luis Cordova:

Prior to Lucho’s quick-fire four-question interview session, we pinned down David Walsh and here’s what he had prepared:

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