WPH Handball Destination Series Showcases The Buhl Club

Posted on Jun 10 2024 - 3:06am by DV

WPH Showcase, Sharon, PA

The WPH is excited to continue the WPH Handball Destination Series to showcase the world’s greatest handball cities and venues. On this edition of the WPH Handball Destination Series, we will feature Sharon Pennsylvania’s Buhl Club, one of PA’s historic handball venues.

Sharon, PA Buhl Club WPH Destination Series

Courts: 3; full glass back wall and all plaster walls

Singles and doubles

Small ball only

Guests are welcome to play at the Buhl Club

Number of players at the Buhl Club: 10

Top players at the Buhl Club: John Sonoga and John Thiel

Past top players at the Buhl Club: Jay Cattron, Jeff Cattron, Jack Godfrey and Don Godfrey

Buhl Club community leader: Jeff Cattron

Buhl Club annual tournaments: Don Godfrey Shootout (small ball singles and doubles)

Most memorable tournament at the Buhl Club:

From Buhl Club player and ambassador Jay Cattron: “Two of them: one was the exhibition we had with David Fink, Dave Chapman and Allan Garner in 2009 and a tournament in the 70’s with Paul Haber and some of those big names.”

“The Buhl Club is a full community center with wellness center, daycare, pool, etc, similar to a YMCA or JCC type facility,” stated Jay Cattron. “The courts are solid and fast with expectable bounce. Great for hosting tournaments with full viewing on all three courts.”

Thank you to Jeff and Jay Cattron for sharing info and what they love about handball at the Buhl Club.

Would you like to see your handball facility featured on an upcoming edition of WPH Handball Destination Series? Please contact David Fink at David.fink@wphlive.tv to showcase your city or handball club. 

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David Fink

WPH Senior Writer

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