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Posted on Jul 12 2020 - 3:49pm by DV

Tracy Davis Week kicked off  last Monday w/the ever-popular, WPH Rapid Fire Challenge on  Are you a pledge supporter?  If not, here’s some of what you missed:

Now in her 40’s, Tracy Davis is a living legend in the sport and still one of the best players in the game. Davis is unquestionably the fittest player competing in any of the Race 4 Eight brackets, as well as being one of the most well liked. Davis wins and loses with class, always serving as an ambassador to the sport. Davis’ “serve-and-shoot” style makes her dangerous against any opponent, and her mental toughness keeps her in every match.

Tracy accepted the Rapid Fire Challenge, revealing her favorite city to play, her favorite tournament, her favorite doubles partner, the best match she’s ever played and more.

Tracy Davis WPH Rapid Fire Challenge:

1. Best city to play: New York City or Portland

2. Who is your toughest opponent: There are quite a few, it’s hard to narrow down. I’ll go with the one I have a chance at beating but I manage to screw it up: Danielle Daskalakis

3. Fastest person in handball: Killian Carroll

4. Who is the hardest hitter in handball: Sean Lenning

5. Best server in handball: Martina McMahon

6. Best off-hand in handball: Catriona Casey

7. Handball hero: Anna Christoff/Lisa Fraser (tie)

8. Favorite court: Toledo, OH

9. Player with the best offense: Martina McMahon

10. Player with the best defense: Catriona Casey

11. Most satisfying tournament victory: 2014 Three Wall Nationals Singles

12. Most disappointing loss: 2014 One Wall Nationals Doubles Finals

13. Most important title to win: 2013 One Wall Nationals Singles Finals

14. Favorite doubles partner: Courtney Peixoto

15. Longest match you ever played: I’ll leave this answer to you…there are too many.

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