Timbo Gonzalez: Training Regimen & His Biggest Win, courtesy of Patreon

Posted on Apr 11 2020 - 12:36pm by DV

Timbo Gonzalez is the world’s greatest outdoor player, winning every major 1-Wall big ball small ball and doubles national title, as well as the most prestigious 3-Wall big ball singles and doubles title. Timbo has even proven to be one of the game’s best small ball 3-Wall stars. Timbo plays every point like it’s his last, diving on the concrete and sacrificing his body and soul with unimaginable effort in every point of every match. Timbo doesn’t play handball, he lives and breathes handball and his energy and drive to succeed is always evident for the hundreds of fans that inevitable crowd the court for all of his matches.

Courtesy of Patreon pledge supporters of the WPH: Timbo discusses his favorite win and how he trains for handball tournaments.

Favorite Win: I have very few favorite wins but the one that stands out the most and is the most satisfying is beating Samzon (Hernandez) in 3-Wall singles in Vegas. 

*Timbo defeated Samzon in three scintillating games in one of the all-time great WPH Outdoor matches at the 2017 WPH Outdoor LTE.

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Training: I like to jog and eat clean. I also like to practice on different shots during pick up games at the parks. Push ups and jogging are my “go to” for training so I make sure to get a lot of that done before a big event so I can be nice and strong and have tremendous stamina (for the big tournaments).

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