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Posted on Jul 4 2020 - 7:01am by DV
Staying home? No problem. Try some of these exercises that can help improve your handball game!
Send us your HD workout videos through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or info@wphlive.tv.  Make sure your video is in High Def and tell us what your exercise is and as much info about your workout, as we get thru COVID-19 together!

Former WPH Sr 40+ Semifinalist, Raul Jasso does some upper-body at home during the pandemic and claims he “…won’t miss a beat,” once he gets back on the court. and by the looks of it, we believe him!

#3 Sr 40+ Ranked Pro, George Garcia and his family have safely quarantined in Bakersfield, California, and to stay in shape, he has made up a full workout routine that involves competition and . . . well . . . just plain fun!

Please follow CDC guidelines as we ‘flatten this curve’ together.
If you have a #HandballAtHome workout to share, please do send it: info@wphlive.tv

We got lucky when Hall of Famer, John Bike, dropped in with a video featuring the whole family:

The Bike’s have continued to social distance themselves, but when boredom sets in, it’s time to head for the garage!  Two to five times a week, the family gets a modified handball workout with “Wall Ball” . . . good stuff!


Women’s #4 Ranked Pro, Ashley Moler, continues to social distance, but here in Arizona, she finds time to get outside:

Ashley and Scarlett hit the trails when the sun isn’t too warm, while pulling down a couple miles every day.
You go girl!
No, we mean, you GO.  It’s time for today’s walk!

#4 WR48Pro Danielle Daskalakis (NY) Brings us this amazing gem:

#HandballAtHome series continues with New York’s Danielle Daskalakis. She says, “Lunges are essentially one of the most important exercises any handball player should do. We lunge for about 90% of our shots, including the awkward ones …and it’s especially crucial for our serves.” #QuarantineWithWPH


Kyra Vidas and Leo Canales Jr are practicing some safe-social-distancing in El Paso, TX

WPH Reporter and WR48 (soon-to-be-ranked) Player, Kyra “K3” Vidas, on a four mile run with R48 #10 Ranked Pro, Leo Canales Jr. #QuarantineWithWPH #HandballAtHome

#1 WPH WR48Pro Catriona Casey time-lapsed her #QuarantineWithWPH #HandballAtHome video featuring this COOL Yoga routine.

Catriona on her workout: “I’ve always found yoga very beneficial for body and mind, but I’m finding it especially calming during this time of uncertainty. Now I have a lot more time to dedicate to getting on the mat! Can’t wait til we’re back on tour but, til then, hope everyone keeps healthy and well” #QuarantineWithWPH #HandballAtHome

#1 ranked SR48Pro, David Fink, is one of the fittest pro handball players on tour.  Today, he walked across the street to the tennis courts to give you a quick five-minute routine as he continues to #QuarantineWithWPH

WPH Master Instructor and R48 Elite 8 Alum David Fink talks handball training during the coronavirus – running you through stations of hitting the ball, agility exercises, jump rope, weights, and sprints. Enjoy! #HandballAtHome.

#2 ranked SR48Pro and birthday boy, Marcos Chavez (46) is socially distancing himself and wants you to join the craze! #HandballAtHome

Click the above video to watch (turn up your volume)Marcos Chavez is performing proper social distancing; however, still getting his workouts in. The #2 ranked SR48Pro hopes that everyone stay’s in shape, as he looks forward to more family time:
“Although the outbreak of this pandemic has ripped through our daily lives, a silver-lining for our family is a total bonding experience. My wife, daughter and I are much closer today because of Covid-19. When I do get out of the house it’s for bike rides or runs and hikes either alone or with the family up the mountain. I hope that everyone takes the time to appreciate the little and big things in life, while staying healthy, even if that means NO HANDBALL. My old bones need a break anyway. Lol” – Marcos Chavez

#HandballAtHome Former Elite Eight Pro, Stephen Cooney is cooking during the lock-down #QuarantineWithWPH

Stephen Cooney says “During this quarantine I’ve been working on my cooking game. Tonight I am cooking some tortillas. I am trying to cook as healthy as I can on top of working out. I have my buddy, Dusty, here helping me do at home workouts. I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.”

WR48’s #4 ranked, Ashley Moler, is following CDC guidelines, but also staying healthy.

Ashley spends her quarantine time with her baby girl, Scarlett. Although stuck inside, Ashley finds a way to stay in shape by doing the Scarlett Press.


#6 Ranked Pro on the WPH R48, is a First Responder. Vic Perez leads a healthy life, is a consummate pro, and knows exactly when it’s safe to socialize and how to stay healthy:

Aside from working in the medical field as a first responder, Vic Perez still finds time to work out and stay in handball shape:  “Aside from my job, I’m still making time to workout and stay in handball shape. These stairs and hill by my house will definitely do that. I hope everyone’s finding something to keep them active”


#1 Ranked WPH R48Pro, Killian Carroll, talks about his #QuarantineWithWPH moments while he does #HandballAtHome:

Killian Carroll, R48’s #1, works on his hand techniques, whether that be writing, drawing, or doing different tricks that help build control in his off hand. He hopes everyone is staying safe and looks forward to seeing everyone soon”

#HandballAtHome with #5 Ranked WPH Pro, Martin Mulkerrins:

Here’s what Martin Mulkerrins has to say about his daily routine:   “After taking a few weeks off to rest a minor injury to my knee, I am trying my best to do the necessary rehab from home and have the option now that it has improved to do some short cycles to build it back up.”

#6 Women’s elite pro, Tracy Davis, brings us her #HandballAtHome workout as she continues to #QuarantineWithWPH:

Tracy Davis is one of the most fit players on tour.  Here’s what she has to say about this routine:  “One of my favorite exercises to cross train for handball is the dead-lift. Like handball, the dead-lift works multiple muscle groups at the same time while engaging your core to keep aligned. It’s very important that you follow proper form and go slowly at first until the move becomes routine in your muscle memory. It works out the posterior chain like your glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and lats, as well as chest, lats and deltoids. When I began including dead-lifts in my workout routine it improved my muscle endurance, strength and explosive power. Plus there are variations that can make it more challenging and fun. My go to variations are the dead-lift with upright row, which can also train your hips to use explosive power. The single leg dead-lift really works to strengthen the glute muscle while challenging your balance and improving muscle imbalances/weaknesses on that side.”

Former WPH Wr48Pro Finalist, Aimee Tuohey, has posted some amazing Instagram workouts over the years and today, she let’s us in on this gem:


Aimee Tuohey:  “Home work outs with my quarantine sweetie.

Step one: bribe living weight with cheese to be on your back for squats.

Step two: squat until you can’t do another rep.
(Pro tip: try not to hit your partner in the face doing shoulder taps otherwise they won’t want to workout with you.)

Workout program we’re following courtesy of @prorehabstrength #socialisolation #homeworkouts #pandemicworkout #covid19workout #HandballAtHome #QuarantineWithWPH

Today’s Workout: Three sets AMRAP All can be done w/bodyweight but use weight if you have it and are able.
Push ups
Pull ups
Lying leg raises
Step ups
Shoulder taps
Squat thrusts

Song : Godzilla by @Eminem”

WPH Sideline reporter and broadcast analyst, Kara Mack, gets in on the #HandballAtHome action:

Kara Mack is trying something today that she’s always wanted to do, while working it into her home routine at the same time…. a Handstand! 
Benefits of a Handstand:
  • The posture reverses the blood supply which helps in blood purification.
  • Increases concentration and focus. Improves balance.
  • Relaxes the nervous system.
  • Strengthens immunity.
  • Improves bowel movement.
  • Checks breathlessness.
  • Improves skin.


Abraham Montijo WPH R48Pro #15, has some words of encouragement from his self-isolated hike up Sabino Canyon, AZ:


Luis Cordova is one of the most fit players on tour!  This is what our #2 ranked pro has been doing during the ‘stay-at-home’ order w/hopes you follow suit and try it yourself:

One of Cordova’s routines is to do three sets of push-ups.  
He starts with 40, then 30, then 20.  With each set after the initial 40, he adds more weight.
(We have to admit. . . it would be great to see who would have been added had he done 10 more!)
Thanks for the #HandballAtHome tips, Luis!

What is your program? Share it with others by sending us your brief routine in the highest of resolutions, plus a quick description of your workouts. From cooking tips, dietary suggestions, to physical routines and more, we want to hear from you! info@wphlive.tv

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