The 2024 Aces WPH Player’s Championship Wraps (Video)

Posted on Jun 6 2024 - 1:50pm by DV

Salt Lake City, UT, WPH Press, 5/8/24

ESPN’s Kara Mack and the WPH broadcast team recapped the 2024 Aces WPH Player’s Championship from the Sports Mall in Salt Lake City, highlighting Catriona Casey’s twenty-ninth WR48 title, ninth WR48 Player’s Championship and tenth WR48 Player’s Cup Championship and Martin Mulkerrins’s second Player’s Championship title and first Race 4 Eight Player’s Cup on the heels of a dominant four-win 2023/24 Race 4 Eight season.

Watch the 2024 Aces Player’s Championship recap with ESPN’s Kara Mack:

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