R48 7 Elite 8 In-Depth Stats & Trends: Post Las Vegas ‘18/Pre Houston ‘18

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Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 2/28/18- The first four events of the 2017-2018 Race 4 Eight 7 season have been scintillating, as the top Race 4 Eight superstars have dazzled hundreds of fans in Atlanta, Tucson, Montana, and Las Vegas, as well as hundreds of thousands of fans watching on ESPN3.

Two-time defending R48 Player’s Champion Killian Carroll has been the overwhelmingly dominant player on the R48 7 tour, winning the first three events in Atlanta, Tucson, and Montana and losing in the finals of the fourth in Las Vegas. Sean Lenning bounced back from a left shoulder injury to improve his ranking from #6 at the start of the season to #2 with three semifinal finishes in Atlanta, Tucson, and Montana and his first R48 win in 22 months Las Vegas.

With the R48 7 Stop #5 Houston just a week away, check out the scoring stats, percentage of points won, overall records of the R48 Elite 8, and R48 7 fun facts and trends through the season’s midway point. 

Killian Carroll        

Ranking: #1                                                              

Atlanta: 122-55 (4-0)

Tucson: 129-61 (4-0)

Montana: 132-61 (4-0)

Las Vegas: 127-84 (3-1)

Total points: 510-261 (66%)

Record: 15-1

Sean Lenning

Ranking: #2

Atlanta: 84-59 (2-1)

Tucson: 93-59 (2-1)

Montana: 90-103 (2-1)

Las Vegas: 132-88 (4-0)

Total points: 399-309 (56%)

Record: 10-3

Mando Ortiz

Ranking: #3

Atlanta: 118-101 (3-1)

Tucson: 81-81 (2-1)

Montana: 142-126 (3-1)

Las Vegas: 77-97 (1-2)

Total points: 418-405 (51%)

Record: 9-5

David Fink

Ranking: #3

Atlanta: 92-59 (2-1)

Tucson: 55-71 (1-2)

Montana: 97-66 (2-1)

Las Vegas: 83-63 (2-1)

Total points: 327-259 (56%)

Record: 7-5

Luis Cordova

Ranking: #3

Atlanta: 76-87 (2-2)

Tucson: 59-42 (1-1)

Montana: 70-87 (2-1)

Las Vegas: 101-89 (2-1)

Total points: 306-305 (50%)

Record: 7-5

Luis Moreno

Ranking: #6

Atlanta: n/a

Tucson: 82-66 (2-1)

Montana: 43-62 (0-2)

Las Vegas: 19-30 (0-1)

Total points: 144-158 (48%)

Record: 2-4

Daniel Cordova

Ranking: #7

Atlanta: 90-89 (2-1)

Tucson: 66-66 (1-1)

Montana: 51-71 (1-2)

Las Vegas: 97-77 (3-1)

Total points: 304-303 (50%)

Record: 7-5

Marcos Chavez

Ranking: #8

Atlanta: 58-89 (1-2)

Tucson: n/a

Montana: 45-70 (1-2)

Las Vegas: 105-102 (2-2)

Total points: 208-261 (44%)

Record: 4-6

R48 7 Fun Facts and Trends

  • Sean Lenning (Las Vegas ’18) and Killian Carroll (Montana ’18) have scored the most points (132) in a tournament this season
  • Diarmaid Nash (Montana ’18) and Shorty Ruiz (Las Vegas ’18) have scored the most points (45) in a main draw loss this season
  • Marcos Chavez (Atlanta ’17) has been outscored by more combined points in one event (31) than any player in the Elite 8 this season (58-89)
  • Marcos Chavez defeated Emmett Peixoto in the most lopsided playoff match of the season at the R48 7 Las Vegas (25-2)
  • Killian Carroll owns the best match record on the R48 7 (15-1), the most titles (3), and the largest points differential in an event of any player this season (+71 points at Montana ’18)
  • Daniel Cordova has finished 5th more than any player on the R48 7 (2: Tucson ‘17, Las Vegas ’18)
  • Luis “Lucho” Cordova authored the largest playoff comeback of the season, rallying from 18-24 in the 5th place playoff final in Montana to defeat Vic Perez 26-24
  • David Fink and Marcos Chavez combined for the oldest combined age of any quarterfinal in R48 history at the Las Vegas Royal Flush ’18 (84 years)
  • Luis Moreno owns the fewest number of match wins of any player in the Elite 8 this season (2)
  • Sean Lenning and Killian Carroll are the only players to advance to the semifinals or better of all four R48 7 events this season. Carroll is the only player to advance to the final of every event this season
  • Only Killian Carroll (4), Sean Lenning (1), Mando Ortiz (1), Luis Cordova (1), and Marcos Chavez (1) have scored 100 points in a R48 7 event thus far this season
  • Luis Moreno (2-4) and Marcos Chavez (4-6) are the only players in the R48 7 Elite 8 with losing records
  • Killian Carroll has won the most points on the R48 7 (510) and owns the highest percentage of points won on the R48 7 (66%)
  • Only Killian Carroll (15) and Sean Lenning (10) have double-digit match wins on the R48 7
  • Mando Ortiz is the only player to reach a semifinal that did not outscore his combined opponents during this R48 7 season (81-81 Tucson ’17)
  • Marcos Chavez (43 years, 10 months) is the oldest player to ever finish a R48 event in the top six (Las Vegas ’18)
  • Shorty Ruiz is the only player to score 15 points in all three games of a main draw R48 match and lose the match (R16 Montana ’18 vs. Chavez)
  • The most lopsided round of 16 match of the R48 7 season was the first match of the R48 7 season: Fink defeated Pesch 15-0, 15-2
  • Shorty Ruiz (45-45 vs. Chavez Montana ‘18) and Killian Carroll (37-37 vs. Lenning Las Vegas ‘18) scored the same number of points as their respective opponents but lost the matches
  • 2/3 of Team LAAC, Marcos Chavez (vs. Shorty Ruiz Montana ’18) and Mando Ortiz (vs. Emmett Peixoto Atlanta ’18), and Sean Lenning (vs. Diarmaid Nash Montana ’18) are the only players to face match point in a main draw match and come back to win during the R48 7 season
  • In R48 7 matches that have gone to a tiebreaker, the player who won game two has won 74% of the tiebreakers. Six of the six tiebreakers played in Montana ’18 were won by the player winning game two (courtesy of Nick Flores)
  • Daniel Cordova (304-303) and Luis Cordova (306-305) have both outscored their 12 R48 7 opponents by one point
  • Daniel Cordova, Luis Cordova, and David Fink all have identical match records on the R48 7 through Las Vegas ‘18 (7-5)

Common opponents for Luis Cordova, Daniel Cordova, and David Fink (all 7-5)

Fink/D. Cordova/L. Cordova

  1. Cordova def Fink Atlanta ‘17

Fink def L. Cordova Atlanta ’17

  1. Cordova vs. D. Cordova (not played)


loss vs. Fink Montana ’18

loss vs. D. Cordova Las Vegas ‘18

loss vs. L. Cordova Montana ‘18


def Fink Montana ‘18

def D. Cordova Atlanta ‘17

def L. Cordova Tucson ‘17

loss vs. L. Cordova Las Vegas ‘18


def D. Cordova Tucson ‘18

def L. Cordova Montana ‘18

def Fink Las Vegas ‘18


def L. Cordova Atlanta ‘18

def. D. Cordova Las Vegas ‘18

loss vs. L. Cordova Las Vegas ‘18


loss vs. Fink Atlanta ‘17

loss vs. L. Cordova Tucson ‘17


loss vs. L. Cordova Atlanta ’17

loss vs. Fink Las Vegas ‘18

loss vs. D. Cordova Las Vegas ‘18

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