Junior WPH makes impact in Arizona & Florida

Posted on Jun 8 2015 - 7:21am by DV

IMG_5142Junior WPH at the Tucson Racquet Club All Sports Camp

“Many of the youngsters are playing for the third consecutive summer and their skills are evident,” stated WPH Master Instructor David Fink. “The more the kids play, the more they enjoy the game and the better their skills become. I’m amazed at how much better the kids are from one summer to the next.”

IMG_5104Junior WPH begins its busiest stretch thus far in 2015, with 25 handball clinics per week at the Tucson Racquet Club All Sports Camp, the Junior WPH Venice Mega Clinic and Junior 1-Wall Challenge, weekly clinics at the Junior WPH “Naty Gonzalez” cd. Juarez, summer clinics at the University of West Florida sponsored by the WPH, summer clinics in Pittsburgh, PA and the Sherwood Junior WPH 1-Wall Handball Camp in Edmonton, Alberta.

For information on how you can become involved with Junior WPH, start a Junior WPH program in your handball community or to donate to Junior WPH, please contact WPH Youth Donor and Development Director David Fink at fink@race4eight.com.

Junior WPH Clinic at the University of West Florida featuring top 12 WPH pros Luis and Daniel Cordova

IMG_20150527_163607545_HDRTop 12 WPH R48 Pros Luis and Daniel Cordova hosted a sensational Junior WPH Clinic for the University of West Florida’s WPH sponsored team at the end of UWF’s 2015 spring semester. The Cordovas explained and demonstrated the importance of footwork and shot selection, fielded questions from the enthusiastic UWF players, played points against each member of the team, provided critiques of each their games and staged a thrilling exhibition match for the awestruck collegiate players.

“The clinic was a huge success, as UWF team members and several new players participated,” revealed UWF Handball Club Founder and handball ambassador Michael Morgan. “Daniel and Luis provided useful tips that players were working on throughout the clinic and the next day at practice. After a thrilling exhibition match which saw Luis come back from a 9-10 tiebreaker deficit to defeat WPH R48 Rookie of the Year Daniel Cordova, Luis and Daniel played doubles with several members of the team. From everyone with the University of West Florida Handball Team, thank you to Luis and Daniel and the WPH for putting on a great event.”

IMG_20150527_174818015Junior WPH has hosted over 1500 junior and collegiate handball clinics in the past 24 months, as well as sponsoring handball programs in Florida, Mexico and Arizona. If you are interested in becoming a WPH Coach and starting a program in your community or you would like to donate to the growth of the game, please contact WPH Youth Donor and Development Director David Fink at fink@race4eight.com.

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