WPH Big Ball 3Wall Sin City Revolution, Stop #1 Wrap Up

Posted on Jun 8 2015 - 7:15am by DV

Screenshot_2015-05-31-12-35-07The fourth WPH Outdoor Cup 3-Wall Big Ball season kicked off with the 2015 WPH Outdoor 3-Wall Sin City Revolution. Sunday at the Sin City Cup Stop #1 featured the men’s and women’s pro singles and doubles finals in the shadows of Las Vegas’ tallest structure, the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino Tower.

The Men’s Pro Singles Final pitted the #1 and #2 WPH Outdoor stars and arguably the two greatest 3-Wall big ball players in history against one another. “We are truly watching history every time these early 20-something legends compete against one another,” revealed WPH Executive Director David Vincent. “In life it is rare to see the two best players or teams trade-off wins but the rivalry between Samzon Hernandez and Juan Santos is exactly such and we are reaping the benefits as fans.”

Screenshot_2015-05-31-12-21-33Santos quickly erased any drama or suspense in the final, completely dominating his greatest rival in just 14 minutes, including an unthinkable 12-0 first game shutout. Santos won an astounding 24 out of 29 rallies in the comprehensive 14-minute thrashing. “Santos’ serve was just on the whole weekend,” revealed WPH Outdoor #3 Ricardo Ruiz. “Samzon was 100% but his serve wasn’t on and that was the difference.”

“Santos had great control of his serve and took care of the (weak) returns right away,” revealed Santos’ quarterfinal victim and 1-Wall Big Ball #1 Timbo Gonzalez.

Professor Santos aimed for the Sin City slam with partner Kevin Gonzalez against Shorty Ruiz and Timbo Gonzalez in the Men’s Doubles final. The action was as intense as the 120-degree on-court temperatures aimed to break the competitor’s will, while galleries were treated to high-flying – stunning athleticism by four of the game’s greats. Ruiz and Gonzalez dropped game one of the Men’s Doubles final in overtime, but bounced back to dominate the second and third games to claim the Men’s Sin City Doubles crown.

Screenshot_2015-05-31-13-32-05-1“We struggled in the first game but we entered game two with more confidence in each other,” revealed Shorty Ruiz after clinching the WPH yellow jersey with a tremendous doubles victory. “We called timeout at 7-5 in the tiebreaker and I told Timbo we need to run it out and we did. The heat was too much!” “I couldn’t believe it,” says WPH ED, Dave Vincent.  “If Shorty tells you that he JUST told Timbo, he is wrong!  He told the whole world that he would run five straight and he did just that.  Ruiz turned to the crowd and announced it, then walked the line.  I’ll remember this for the rest of my life!”

Rankings from this season’s WPH Outdoor tour will include singles and doubles results, placing Santos in the pole position after stop #1. Santos appears to have fully recovered from the ankle sprain he suffered last October and poised for his third WPH Outdoor Cup title. Based on his performance in obliterating the best in the sport in singles and nearly winning the doubles during the Sin City Cup, Professor Santos will certainly be difficult to stop.

Chava Cordova won his third tiebreaker of the weekend in the Men’s third place final, rebounding from a first game loss to defeat Shorty Ruiz.

Screenshot_2015-05-31-13-15-09Tanisha Groomes defeated Tracy Davis for the second time in 24 hours, needing overtime after rallying from a 5-11 deficit to score the final eight points in the second game to claim the first WPH Outdoor Women’s title of the season and extend her unbeaten singles record to an unfathomable 20 months and 17 matches. Tanisha Groomes and Karina Arias defeated Tracy Davis and Yvonne August in two games in the Women’s Doubles final to compete the “T Slam.”

David “Little Flash” Hinojoa slammed the B/C singles and doubles, defeating Ivan Chapa in the singles and teaming with Manuel Yep Jr. to defeat Antonio Mesa and Tom Flores in the doubles. Brian Medina outlasted Angel Hernandez to claim the Men’s A singles consolation.

Thank you to the World Players of Handball, Hemborg Ford, the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, David Vincent, Lolita de Vincent, Tom & Javi Flores, Matt Titaino and especially 3Wallball.com and Mike Coulter – Plus all of those who volunteered and participated in the WPH Outdoor Sin City Cup Stop #1.

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