Holiday Swag Contest

Posted on Jan 1 2016 - 5:02pm by DV

1352533907_screenIt’s time for holiday gatherings, food, fun, family and friends. We get it, you will be surrounded by those you love the most. So will we. The WPH celebrates it’s annual employee & friends holiday party; where we will gather to have some adult beverages, amazing food, and deep convo. Before it’s concluded, however, we will all pose for a group pic and… well… “…did anyone bring staff shirts?”

So, it got us think’n… Why not give our closest friends a chance to cap-on wearing WPH gear at their holiday parties??

Take a pic of your family or friend gathering, around the festive table, this holiday wearing your ‪#‎teamr48‬ gear or WPH swag and send to: One lucky winner will be selected and a nice lil prize will be coming your way.

Must have a picture of at least four people wearing WPH gear; deadline Jan 5th, 2016. WPH has received over 115 submissions prior to this post, so start gathering folks and get your selfie-sticks ready!

Please share!

-Dave Vincent

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