Hellenic WallBall Federation Hosts WallBall Clinics and Tournaments

Posted on Jul 22 2019 - 6:40am by DV

Thessaloniki, Greece, WPH Press, 7/22/19- The Hellenic WallBall Federation (Greece) proudly hosted a Wallball tournament for children and adults at the children’s kataskēnōseis of nea perámou kavala. Hellenic WallBall coaches Yiannis Mpachas and Dimitris Papadopoulos introduced the WallBall rules and fundamentals, preparing the players for rallying and competition. The children participated in two very strong tournaments with trophies, diplomas, medals and cups in all categories. A number of children from Pakistan participated in the organization. “We continue to provide opportunities for people of all ages to play WallBall,” stated Hellenic WallBall president Ioannis Bachas.

The Hellenic WallBall Federation will present “Vitamin Sea,” a new tournament for boys and girls at summer camp.

Pictures courtesy of Ioannis Bachas

Ioannis Bachas

Hellenic WallBall Federation President 

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