Coronavirus Lock-down Blues: Where to Watch Handball

Posted on Mar 29 2020 - 6:23am by DV

With businesses closed down, athletic clubs restricting use and handball facilities with their doors closed, many people have turned to the Intranets for streaming options. 

We get it! 

PATREON: So much so, that we have been creating never-seen-before handball features for those who have made pledges to WPH Patreon (

“Exclusive Content” on WPH Patreon includes newly edited instructional clinics, player interviews, rare handball matches, slow motion clips, obscure handball articles from 100 years back, simulated handball tournaments and more!  “In fact, we upload or post new content every 12 hours, if not sooner, during the coronavirus pandemic,” says WPH Director, Dave Vincent. “Most people are told to stay home, some businesses have closed doors, but our staff is working everyday, from the safety of our homes, preparing new content for our pledge supporters.”

“The NYAC tournament that you guys had to cancel was unfortunate, but reading your simulated handball tournament daily wrap-ups in real time, and as the event ‘hypothetically-unfolded’ was the highlight of my weekend!” Writes WPH Patreon, Mark Gilmer.

“Who wrote that simulated handball tournament from New York?  Funniest thing I’ve read in some time.” – Ashley Moler.

In addition to the daily posts on WPH Patreon, the WPH will be releasing a power serve breakdown by WPHLiveTV & Jeff Kastner Productions, along with Ciana Ni Churraoin and Dave Fink as instructors.  This 10-minute instructional will be released by Thursday late afternoon and will be available first for Patreon supporters at

Recent Posts:

Day 14 COVID-19 Quarantine: Most Random Place You’ve Hit a Handball (Video featuring touring pros) HERE

Day 14 COVID-19 Quarantine: R48Pro Season 9 Lives On – NYAC LTE Simulated Saturday Bracket (A bracket of the cancelled NYAC, had it played out in real time with fake results by the WPH Patreon Team) HERE

Day 15 COVID-19 Quarantine: One Quality to Have as a Handball Player (Video clip that touring pros played along with mashed up into one presentation) HERE

Day 15 COVID-19 Quarantine: R48Pro Season 9 Lives On – NYAC LTE Simulated Sunday Finals (A bracket of the cancelled NYAC tournament with fake results and summary, but a bunch of wholehearted fun involved) HERE

Day 16 COVID-19 Quarantine: The Houston Post – Oct 20, 1918 (A look back at the last major pandemic and how Houston’s YMCA handled handball-play 100 years back, as we cancel the upcoming Houston Race Stop 100 years later.  Interesting read) HERE

Day 16 COVID-19 Quarantine: Handball Terminology (Video) by Touring Pros (A fun video clip of the pros explaining shots and terminology) HERE

Day 17 COVID-19 Quarantine: Junior WPH Clinic on ESPN (A video clinic that ESPN3 highlighted at one of our past race stops) HERE

Day 17 COVID-19 Quarantine: Did You Find Handball or Did it Find You? (A mashed up video clip featuring handball players explaining how they found the sport) HERE

Day 18 COVID-19 Quarantine: ’18 R48Pro Atlanta – Full Round of 8 Matches (Video) As Seen on ESPN HERE

Day 18 COVID-19 Quarantine: Handball Pandemic Cancellations & News From 100 years ago……. HERE

Day 19 COVID-19 Quarantine: The Power Serve, By Dave Fink (Instructional Video over ten minutes in length detailing the power serve) HERE

Upcoming posts to Patreon:

Behind the Short Line with Vic Perez & Fitness Tips from Vic Perez (Both video clips that once aired on ESPN)

Outdoor Handball in Slow Motion (Exactly what the title suggests)

Blast From the Outdoor Past (Full Video Clip) – Vegas 3WB Outdoor World Championships – Small Ball 3W finals.

His Toughest Rival (Youngster Loren Collado gives us an interview in print)

Revisiting ’17 R48Pro Atlanta – Semis and Finals (Full Video Matches)

Revisiting ’18 R48Pro Atlanta – Semis and Finals (Full Video Matches)

Revisiting ’19 R48Pro Atlanta – Semis and Finals (Full Video Matches)

2016 Women’s 1 Wallball Final – Qu vs NG (As Seen on ESPN) from the ’16 3WB Outdoor Championships in Vegas.

….plus two exclusive posts per day each day during the Pandemic.  Our pledge, for those who made theirs to be on

WPH Membership: For those that are already members of the WPH and have not migrated to the active Patreon page yet, no worries!  We have released EVERY VIDEO HANDBALL MATCH we have ever uploaded, so you can watch recent and past events.  That page is located here:  (If you are a WPH member, your password was sent to you in the physical mail and in your email at the time of purchase).  If you need to renew your membership; if your membership lapsed; if you’ve never joined, no problem!  You can go here:

FREE Viewing Options: For those who do not want to pay for content, we get you!  Our Youtube page will be getting a face lift as we upload over 500 videos over the next couple months.  You will be experiencing new content as well and never seen before matches that will most certainly buy some time during this “Self Isolation.” 

The WPH YouTube Channel is:

Please do stay safe during this deadly pandemic and follow the CDC and World Health Organization’s direction regarding the coronavirus, social distancing, our hygiene and …do continue to exercise! We will be back, stronger than before.

Don’t forget to come back here for your handball-related content (when you’re done washing your hands)


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