Getting to Know Ciana Ní Churraoin

Posted on May 30 2020 - 9:00am by DV

A WPH Patreon Exclusive

WR48 #2 Ciana Ní Churraoin lead the WPH Wednesday Workout this past week and put on quite a show, but. . . do you REALLY know this superstar?

We do and we want to share.

Ciana is currently ranked #2 on the WR48, appearing in five WR48 finals, four in her last five WR48 starts. This 23-year-old international handball superstar has won major titles in 1-Wall (2019 GAA WallBall Championships), 3-Wall (2016 WPH Outdoor Vegas LTE), and 4-Wall (2020 USHA Collegiate Nationals). Ciana is also the only player besides Catriona Casey to defeat two-time world champion Aisling Reilly on the WR48 tour (SF ’19, Tucson ’19).

Ciana is currently completing her graduate degree in Sports Psychology at Minnesota State Mankato.

Ciana recently completed the WPH’s 25-Question Rapid Fire Challenge on and we are bringing that post here for non-Patreon’s as a courtesy.

Let’s get to know CNC!

1. Best city to play: Galway (County Galway, Republic of IRE)

2. Who is your toughest opponent: Catriona Casey

3. Fastest person in handball: Killian Carroll

4. Who is the hardest hitter in handball: Martina McMahon

5. Best server in handball: Daniel Cordova

6. Best off-hand in handball: Killian Carroll in 2019

7. Handball hero: Paul Brady

8. Favorite court: Micheal Breathnach (GAA Club based in County Galway, Republic of IRE)

9. Player with the best offense: Martina McMahon

10. Player with the best defense: Catriona Casey

11. Most satisfying tournament victory: 2019 Irish 1-Wall Nationals

12. Most disappointing loss: 2019 USHA 4-Wall Nationals

13. Most important title to win: All-Ireland Championship or World Championship

14. Favorite doubles partner: Adhna Ní Bhraonáin

15. Longest match you ever played: Probably against Martina McMahon or Lauren O’Riordan at underage. Played a few tiebreakers against them.

16. Favorite sport besides handball: Gaelic Football

17. Favorite tournament: Irish 1-Wall Nationals or USHA 4-Wall Nationals

18. Best match you’ve ever played: First game in 2019 USHA 4-Wall Nationals

19. Best match you’ve ever watched: Paul Brady vs. Luis Moreno 2012 World Final

20. Title you’d most like to win: World Championship or All-Ireland Championship

21. Favorite sport to play besides handball: Gaelic Football

22. Favorite athlete: Roger Federer

23. Most important shot in handball: Serve

24. Your best shot: side-wall, front wall corner kill

25. Legend you’d most like to play in his/her prime: Fiona Shannon

. . . an interview series that originally aired on  This interview was conducted by David Fink.  Special thanks to WPH Patreon’s for releasing this post to the public and for Ciana Ní Churraoin, for ‘playing along.’

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