Ashley Moler, Pro Player Bio

Posted on Mar 18 2013 - 3:00pm by DV

Ash+picWR48 Player Bio


Player: Ashley Moler


Nickname: Ash


Date of birth: 1-23-87


Hometown: Burlington, Iowa


Strong hand: Someday I’ll say both, but not yet (right)


Handball coach: Many through the years, but currently Braulio Ruiz


Favorite all-time player: Fiona Shannon. She was always a class act and trained hard


Favorite tournament: Wow, how do I pick!? I love so many of them.  Idaho, Denver, Houston, SLC, US Open, Tall corn, Toledo…the list could go on forever.


Most satisfying victory: Men’s open doubles in Las Vegas. I had to carry Braulio!


Favorite shot: Tomahawk fist corner kill


Best ever Race result:  US Open 2014 quarterfinals (lost to Aisling Reilly)

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