Danielle Daskalakis, Pro Player Bio

Posted on Mar 18 2013 - 3:03pm by DV

R48 Pro Player BioDD+pic

Player: Danielle Daskalakis

Nickname: Dream Krusher

Date of birth: March 5th

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Strong hand: Southie

Handball coach: Paul Angel, Carl Obert, Cesar Sala, Paul Williams, Tracy Davis, Brenda Pares, Sandy Ng

Favorite all-time player: Brenda Pares

Favorite tournament: 4-wall Collegiates

Most satisfying victory: Red Bull 2014 & USHA 1wall nationals doubles with Sandy Ng; Vegas pro stop 2014 big ball singles win over Tracy Davis, Mayor’s Cup 2009 win over Sandy Ng

Favorite shot: Punch pass shot

Best ever Race result: San Francisco Pro Stop 3rd place in 4-wall, 3-wall Vegas 2013 big ball 2nd place

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