A Talk w/Martin Mulkerrins: Workout Wednesday w/WPH

Posted on Jun 15 2020 - 7:50pm by DV

Arguably, one of the hottest 4 wall handball player on the planet as the COVID-19 Pandemic closed-down the world, Martin Mulkerrins (#5), will sit down with the WPH this Wednesday for a LIVE discussion that will air on the WPH Facebook Page (courtesy of Patreon.com/WPHlive pledge supporters).

This quick LIVE discussion will highlight what the handball superstar has been up to, where his mind is at, and what he is doing to stay in shape.

The World Players of Handball Foundation (WPH) brings you the continued #HandballAtHome series, highlighted by the LIVE Workout Wednesday feature from the top players of the game and we encourage you to send in your quick workout video (2 min or less) to be featured right here at WPHLive.TV. If you have a bigger workout that you would like to have featured, please do contact us: info@wphlive.tv.

Do not miss this special sit-down discussion w/Martin Mulkerrins LIVE from Ireland this Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 at Noon Pacific/3pm Eastern at Facebook.com/WPHLive.

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