WPH WR48Pro Women’s Rankings – Post WC ’16

Posted on Apr 1 2016 - 7:39am by DV

IMG_2102Catriona Casey (IRE) has not been less than #1 since the revival of the Women’s Pro Tour some years back.  Now, she has built such a lead that missing a few stops here and there doesn’t seem to phase her one bit.  Heading into Portland, May 5th-8th. 2016, for the WPH Player’s Championship, she is not only hungry to win the event but is assured the final trophy and title “Player’s Champion.”

This past off-season, the two Dave’s (Fink & Vincent) opened up the flood gates to allow results from non 4-wall events; non WPH events; handball’s major’s and more, for the women stars.  As you can see from the number of stops, the result has been a flurry of new talent making their rank and a cool all-around athlete emerges.

Our biggest jump, Since New York, is the future Hall of Famer, Jennifer Schmitt.  Jen jumps from off the charts to #9 w/a bullet.  Congrats for breaking the top ten (a place she has been for nearly 30 years on the pro tour).


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Below are the Power Rankings, post Women’s Classic (USHA 4 Wall Event), 2016:

R48 Power Rankings 4 20 16 (1)