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Posted on Sep 1 2020 - 2:00pm by DV

Photos taken on 2018-05-05 at The Sports Mall during WPH/ACES PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP.

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Dr. Z. is one of the most prolific Master’s national champions in the history of handball, winning a combined 31 National Handball Titles 1, 3 and 4-Wall. Dr. Z. is the only player to have won five straight age-bracket titles within a division (2010-2014 40+ 3-Wall Singles). Dr. Z. uses his hook serve that slides the wall, strategy, preparation and fitness to overcome his opponents. In addition to being a USHA recognized coach and referee, Dan was the Maryland Handball Commissioner for ten years. He has instructional articles published in the USHA Handball Magazine on the topics of Doubles Strategy and The 3-Wall Serve and has dedicated his own page and writings with the World Players of Handball on wphlive.tv w/a segment called, The Wrap Around.
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When not collecting national titles, Dr. Zimet Ph.D., CMPC is a licensed Psychologist and a Certified Mental Performance Coach (Sport Psychologist) who has worked in private practice for over 15-years.
Now for Dr. Z’s toughest challenge, the WPH Rapid Fire Challenge.  Here’s a sample:
1. Best city to play:  Columbia, MD Centennial park three-wall
2. Who is your toughest opponent:  Andy Schad.  His defensive game is kryptonite!  It would be great to have competed better against Marcos Chavez, but I’m at a deficit in every way against him.  He prepares better, is more talented, plays strong competition regularly, and is more committed to his game and competition. 
3.   Fastest person in handball:  Carroll
4. Who is the hardest hitter in handball:  John Bike
5. Best server in handball:  Lenning 3-wall.  He only needs two serves.  Deep left turning either way, short right with a natural that cracks or runs the wall.  Undefendable (when he wants to hit it at 100%).
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