A Message From The Handball Players

Posted on Aug 8 2020 - 3:00am by DV

A message from the WPH members to the handball community around the world, stay safe and stay healthy.

We will be together again soon.

During these unprecedented times, Handballers from around the world sent us a message to share with all of you.

(Click the video above to watch)

“Alone, a far, but always together. That is who we are. We are the WPH.”

The World Players of Handball!  #TogetherAfar

The Players:

  • Paul Brady
  • Killian Carroll
  • Catriona Casey
  • Emmett Peixoto
  • Aisling Reilly
  • Martin Mulkerrins
  • Timothy Gonzalez
  • Danielle Daskalakis
  • Vic Perez
  • Ashley Moler
  • Marcos Chavez
  • Fergal Coughlan Jr
  • Abraham Montijo
  • David Walsh
  • Kyra Vidas
  • Juan Leo Canales Jr
  • Tracy Davis
  • Dave Vincent
  • Kara Mack
  • Armando Ortiz
  • Taylor Rumping
  • Max Langmack
  • Fiona Tully
  • Stephen Cooney
  • Sam Esser
  • Leo Canales Sr
  • Emilia Peixoto
  • Scarlett Ruiz

Special thanks to:

Kyra “K-3” Vidas for driving this project; Editing and Production from DV

Full Videos from our two #1’s on tour: Catriona Casey & Killian Carroll:

Did you know that the top handball players on tour are at home during the pandemic, following CDC Guidelines and STILL finding ways to workout?  We call it, “Handball at Home,” and you can get involved.  Send us your at home workout videos and we will post them.  #QuarantineWithWPH as you #HandballAtHome.  

Email us:  info@wphlive.tv

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