WPH Steps Back from Vegas

Posted on Feb 20 2018 - 11:08am by DV

World Players of Handball Foundation announcement:  Due to some factors in our control and other factors beyond our control, which would impact the Handball portion of the Vegas 3 Wallball Outdoor Festival, it is with regret that WPH Outdoor steps back from this year’s event (Sept  2018, Las Vegas, NV) as the handball sanctioning organization for the event.

Factors in the departure from the event: The WPH did not receive entry fee money or control the prices set for entry fees for this tournament over the years; however, all prize money was provided by the WPH. Not having access to the entry fee created a $40,000 (plus) swing in funds (deficit) for the WPH Outdoor Team.  Other financial losses occurred that put WPH spending at this, and other events throughout the summer, at a huge financial shortfall.  Volunteers and Employees:  Due to the lack of support at tournament control, long days, weather, huge entries, et al, employees and volunteers voted ‘NO’ when asked if they wanted to return in 2018.  Already understaffed, knowing key helpers did not want to return, pushed the WPH into making the final decision to ‘scratch’ the 3WB Outdoor Festival from the 2018 schedule; regretfully, but also understandably.

Vegas this year:  The 3WB event has evolved every single year and we are please to throw our support toward the tournament; while being grateful that organizers continue to promote and support the sport of handball.  Each year, the 3WB tournament adds new features and perks for the players and this year will be no different, we can assure you.  Please do consider playing in the tournament regardless of our omission.  We thank Mike Coulter, Hank Marcus, Steve Lerner, Peggine Tellez, Tom Moore, Randy Lam, Sodaman, and the Stratosphere Hotel event staff; plus volunteers, supporters, title sponsors, World Outdoor Racquetball, National Paddleball Association, MRF, CPRT, et al, for all of their hard work and attention toward our sport and theirs over the years.  These organizers/associates work extremely hard to provide a service that is unmatched in our sport and we appreciate them so much.

2018 Vegas 3WallBall Outdoor Festival:  Continues this September with Racquetball, Handball and Paddleball.  Please continue to check R2sports.com for entry forms and visit this site for details about this gig.

Thank you,

David Vincent

WPH Executive Director

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