WPH R48Pro Shirts Update Designs: Full Customization!

Posted on Jan 28 2018 - 2:18am by DV
The WPH has made it a practice to keep a full stock of pro player shirts in the web store for friends, family and fans to purchase; however, never before has the Handball fan had the opportunity to customize their shirt until now.

Introducing, Jakroo! STORE LOCATED HERE

“You must customize the back of the jersey and one popular choice is simply, Handball,” says WPH Director, Dave Vincent.  “We have had more response from this particular shirt than any we have ever sold, so we negotiated with the manufacturer and they allowed our designs to be placed into our store for the public to purchase. Now you can look and hopefully [wink] play like the pros!”

Your customized and fitted shirt is available right now and with fast shipping (turnaround time is set at 14 days):  http://shop.jakroo.com/WPHLive

WPH will also continue selling discounted shirts, balls and other gear at http://www.thehandballstore.com, but if you want to gather the shirt that debuted on ESPN during the Memorial last November, but with three newly developed colors and styles, then go to Jakroo; now available in Men’s and Women’s design-to-fit sizes!  HERE>

WPH added three new colors and styles this week.  
#1  Full Customization of the name on the back (Just use UPPERCASE LETTERING); 16 character max
#2  They can make these shirts to fit your exact measurements w/their innovative fitting tool
#3  Turnaround time is set at 14 days
#4  Women’s design and sizes available