R48Pro Men, Women, Sr 40+ in Vegas Feb 9th!!!

Posted on Jan 26 2018 - 5:30am by DV

Bob Harris Royal Flush Handball Doubles 
WPH R48Pro Stop #4, By ESPN


February 9th-11th,

Las Vegas Athletic
Club Central

2655 Maryland Pkwy &
Karen Ave Ste 100

Las Vegas, NV 89109



Updates:  All entries are closed, however…  those traveling with family and fans that want to be apart of the event without playing can sign up using the registration tab on R2sports.com.  The only division that you can enter is the “Non-Player,” category.  This division is for the fan that wants the souvenir bag, buffet ticket, shirt and access to the main court viewing area (show court), but will not actually be playing.  This division is open until very early Monday morning and could close at any time.  Please, no calls.  Just enter on line or email us with questions:  info@wphlive.tv. The deadline to enter the non-player category is this Monday early AM (Feb 5th) at oh-dark-20 (before the rooster crows; we’re talking ugly-early)

Main Tournament:  The original player cap was set at 150 and that number was reached in the middle of the night/late Friday evening~ Early Saturday Morning.  Times and seeds are being finalized right now.

Times & Format:  The event homepage on r2sports and WPH websites have listed projected start times for the past 8 months; however, we realize that, “This is handball,” and people don’t always read the fine print (to include this message).  All we can do is schedule according to plan w/hopes those with restrictions reached out to give personalized details.  Here is how the schedule sits: (starting times have been released HERE.  Please email us with questions)

Friday @ 9am – WPH Pro Qualifier begins on All Courts (one game to 25, win by 2, three 60-second timeouts, four-minute Halftime when the first player scores 15 (the player serving to start the match will be receiving after Halftime, regardless of who scored the 15th point) – Fans encouraged to come watch these up-and-comers as they try to qualify on the pro tour; many for the first

Friday @ 10am – All Age Division & Skilled Doubles Begins play (15-15-15, win by one in all games, two 60-second timeouts per game, one 30-second timeout per game, 4 minutes between games)

Friday @ Noon – Big Ball (WallBall) Doubles Begin Play (15-15-15, rally scoring, win by one in all games, two 60-second timeouts per game per team, two minutes between games)

Friday @ 1pm – Men’s Elite Eight Pro Singles Begins (15-15-15, win by two in all games, two 60-second timeouts per game, one 30-second timeout per game, 4 minutes between games)

Friday @ 2pm – Women’s Pro & Senior 40+ Pro Singles (15-15-15, win by two in all games, two 60-second timeouts per game, one 30-second timeout per game, 4 minutes between games)

Rules:  All divisions will follow the USHA Rules; except where modified for TV/ESPNAll Children under the age of 14 will not be allowed into the club.  No outside food or beverage allowed in the club.  The LVAC is a full service venue that has food and drink inside the facility.  Eyeguards are mandatory for all court use; regardless of whether it’s a tournament match or practice.  First time offense is removal from the facility.

Additional Rules (Pros):  See WPH or contact support@wphlive.tv

Instant replay may be available for the pro Men, women and seniors only: Players are given one incorrect instant replay in games to 15 and 25 in matches that are broadcast on ESPN. To ask for a
video replay, the player must request a video replay after the rally and specify what is being challenged (short serve, server can appeal on a foot fault call against him/her immediately but not after the rally. 
Only the referee can call slides and bad bounces (cannot be appealed to line judges): only blatant rally-changing bad bounces
and/or slides will be replayed
Referee should have line judges in place to start matches
PLEASE check the draw sheets after you lose to know your playoff time. We’ve had players expect to play playoff matches on Saturday morning that were scheduled for Friday night and were
forfeited as a result;  
If you are scheduled to play a match on the broadcast,  it must be played at the time scheduled. We book certain matches for the broadcast and those matches are cleared and promoted by ESPN and we need to have the match played for the time slot we select.  All unauthorized matches will not count and will be forfeited.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

ESPN3:  Please help us promote Handball and the LIVE broadcast of the Pro matches on ESPN. We will be on air all day Local time from 10:00am Saturday until 8:30pm; then 10am to 1:30pm on Sunday. We will be on the WatchESPN App or, Channel ESPN3 if you have that on your TV, Smart Device, Xbox, Amazon Fire, Roku, Computer, Laptop, PC, etc. Go to www.watchespn.com for more (search ESPN3), then Handball, and you will find it.  We made a detailed video to show you the steps, HERE>

The broadcast schedule will be printed and released after the start times of this event are released. WPH will post the schedule at www.wphlive.tv & www.wphlive.tv/webcasting/watch-live/live.  As a rule of thumb, Men’s pro singles quarters will kick off the day Saturday; followed by Women, Senior and Big Ball doubles; then pro men’s semis to close the day.  Sunday will be finals day.

Hotel: Stratosphere Hotel Casino Tower; 2000 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV, 89104; Must call 1-800-99-TOWER for special room rate (cannot use the Internet) – All calls must be made on Monday only; After Monday, group rate will be terminated, if not before that time; Room rate code: C-RF17

Memberships: All players entering must hold a player’s card with the WPH before playing their first match in order to receive prize money: No Exceptions

To renew or start your WPH membership and receive the special $20 player rate, you can PayPal $20 to extremehandball@cs.com. Please include your name, mailing address, and email address attention WPH membership in the PayPal message. You can also renew/start your WPH membership HERE>

If you are not able to register on PayPal or online, please see Dave Fink before starting your first match. If you wait until the event to register or renew your membership, you will have to pay $30 (cash) on site. Please make it easier on yourself and the WPH staffers and join before arriving in Las Vegas.