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Posted on May 2 2015 - 9:26am by DV

hb-cup-logo2015 WPH Outdoor Hemborg Ford 3WallBall PRO Handball Cup brings the best outdoor handball players in the game to local parks, cities and venues near you.  This exciting and flavorful form of the sport shows off the athleticism and strength of play while facing the elements, sounds, and distractions of extreme outdoor atmospheres in search of the most inspirational players in the game.  “Almost 100% of all who earn to play this game, these days, do so with a big ball,” says WPH Outdoor Director, Dave Vincent.  “Eventually, the big ball is shed and the small ball is used.  However, thousands upon thousands of players continue with the bigger, more softer ball, and have mastered this game.  A game that I feel is for everyone and totally exciting to play and watch.  Some claim that we are returning to our roots, as big ball is the future of our sport.”

Whether big ball is the future of handball or not, the World Players of Handball, Outdoor-Division, has been there since it’s first organized tour in 2010 and today, WPH Outdoor is going strong.

The 2014 WPH Professionally Ranked Women’s Big Ball 3 Wall Events:  Pico Rivera, CA – Mar 2014; Las Vegas, NV – May 2014, La Mirada, CA – June 2014, Tijuana, MX – July 2014, Las Vegas, NV – Sept 2014 & Fountain Valley, CA – Oct 2014

The 2015 WPH Upcoming Big Ball 3 Wall Men’s Ranked Events:  May, 2015 – Las Vegas, NV;June, 2015 – Venice Beach, CA; July, 2015 – Tijuana, MX; Aug, 2015 – TBD; Sept, 2015 – Las Vegas, NV

Women’s Professional Big Ball 3 Wall Rankings:  Cup Point Standings

1Tanisha Groomes3375
2Tracy Davis1775
3Ashley Moler1520
4Karina Arias1140
5Jessica Gawley1105
6Mel Sky855
7Sabrina Zamora809
8Catriona Casey750
9Aoife McCarthy700
10Danielle Daskalakis580
11Rianna Fombona464
12Na Liu350
13Racquel Murphy200
13Betty Fabian200

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