WPH Coaching Center: Left Hand Fly Paddle Kill

Posted on Jul 17 2024 - 2:54pm by DV

Left Hand Fly Paddle Kill

WPH Media, Tucson, AZ

On this edition of the WPH Coaching Center, WPH Master Instructor David Fink is joined by three-time 3WB World Champion and Race 4 Eight pro Shorty Ruiz to discuss and demonstrate one of Shorty’s patented shots; the left hand paddle kill. Shorty aims to hit the ball in the palm of his hand and step into the ball with his right foot to execute this shot. This shot is particularly effective when your opponent is on your right and you hit the ball back to yourself. 

Thank you to fly kill specialist Shorty Ruiz for joining the WPH Coaching Center.

Move your feet, get intense and take your game to the next level!

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