WPH Aces Player’s Championship: Full Preview

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Salt Lake City, UT, WPH Press, 4/5/22-

The 2022 WPH Race 4 Eight Salt Lake City Aces Player’s Championship provides professional handball’s greatest showcase, featuring the R48, WR48, and SR48 battling for Player’s Championships, the most coveted prize in professional handball.

Check out all of the important Salt Lake City Aces tournament information and links for the entire Race 4 Eight X tour below.

2022 WPH R48 Salt Lake City Player’s Championship

  • Date: April 8-10, 2022
  • Site: Sports Mall, 5445 S 900 E, Salt Lake City, UT, 84117
  • Tournament directors: Lon Stalsberg, Matt Stalsberg, Ashton Steadman, Ruben Garza, Dave Vincent, David Fink
  • Tournament sponsors: Ace Disposal, WPH, JR WPH
  • Events: R48 Men’s Pro, WR48, SR48
  • Number of Race 4 Eight events the Aces Crew have hosted in Salt Lake City: 9
  • Defending R48 champion (2019): Killian Carroll
  • Defending WR48 champion (2019): Catriona Casey
  • Defending SR48 Champion (2019): David Fink
  • R48 Men’s Pro Player’s Champions entered: 1 (Carroll)
  • Current or former R48 #1’s entered: 3 (Carroll, Fink, Lenning)
  • WR48 Player’s Champions entered: 1 (Casey)
  • Current or former SR48 #1’s entered: 1 (Fink)
  • Number of ranked R48 pros entered (Elite 8 + Qualifier): 12
  • Number of WR48 pros entered: 6

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2022 WPH Aces Player’s Championship #7

ESPN3 & WatchESPN App Broadcast Schedule (Local Salt Lake Time Zone: Mountain Daylight Time)

Friday’s Wrap-Up (April 8th, 2022) HERE

Brackets/draws HERE


Saturday, April 9th, 2022:  10am to 6pm MDT (9a-5p PDT/MST, 11a-7p CDT, 12p-8p EDT, 5p-1a+ IST) on ESPN3 HERE

10:00   Men’s Pro Singles – Quarters             Killian Carroll (MA) vs Max Langmack (KS)                

11:00   Men’s Pro Singles – Quarters             Daniel Cordova (MEX) vs Sean Lenning (WA)                                    

12:00   Men’s Pro Singles – Quarters             Luis Cordova (MEX) vs Braulio Ruiz (AZ)

13:00   Men’s Pro Singles – Quarters             Martin Mulkerrins (IRE) vs Loren Collado (CA)

14:00   Women’s Pro Singles – Semis             Catriona Casey vs Aimee Tuohey 

14:45   Women’s Pro Singles – Semis             Fiona Tully vs Martina McMahon 

15:45   Men’s Pro Singles – Semis                  Killian Carroll vs Sean Lenning

16:45   Men’s Pro Singles – Semis                  Luis Cordova vs Martin Mulkerrins 

Sunday, March 10th, 2022: 9a to 1:30p MDT (8a-5p PDT/MST, 10a-2:30p CDT, 11a-3:30p EDT, 4p-8:30p IST) on ESPN3 HERE

09:00   5th Place Singles – Final Cordova vs Ruiz

09:45   Men’s 40+ Senior – Final Fink vs Mehilos

10:30   Women’s Singles – Final  McMahon vs Casey

11:30   Men’s Pro Singles – Final  Carroll vs Mulkerrins

Time Zone Key:

Zone    +/- HR  CITY/STATE

PDT        -1            (Los Angeles, CA)

MST       -1            (Phoenix, AZ)

MDT      0              (Salt Lake City)

CDT        +1           (Chicago, IL)

EDT        +2           (New York, NY)

IST          +7           (Dublin, IRE)


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