Brady Wins 4th Straight; Reilly Wins 1st!

Posted on Oct 13 2012 - 5:59pm by DV

World Handball Championships- The games are all officially over!  Over 2,100 players in small ball 4 -wall; singles and doubles; women, juniors, masters, seniors and open players, plus 1 wall big and small ball; women, men; seniors, masters, juniors, open play; and, Federation Cup Action too!  Over the next few days, tournament officials will put the final touches on the brackets and update fixtures.  Please continue to visit this site and the Irish GAA handball site for updated results.

1 Wall Big Ball- The World Players of Handball made the move to the 1 wall courts for big ball fed cup action and world championship open men’s and women’s singles~doubles play with great success.  Twyan Cook defeated Pee Wee Castro in two straight to capture his first world championship; meanwhile, Team USA won the Federation Cup and the Puerto Rican team of Herm Mendez~Wally Amaro defeated Polanco~Sala to take the World Doubles title (big ball 1 wall).  Michelle Melendez defeated Jessica Lopez in the women’s open 1 wall portion of this event.  Multiple one wall games were covered by the WPH and you can now watch on-demand.

4 Wall Open Results

Maria Daly/Ashley Prendiville vs Fiona Shannon/Sibeal Gallagher- The World Handball Championship Women’s Doubles Final brought some of the best play from Fiona Shannon in her amazing career.  Sister Gallagher tore a Bicep in the quarters and Shannon had been sharing the load (playing 2 on 1) for the most of the tournament.  In the end, the sisters took down the 20-somethings to win yet another world handball championship title in front of cheering fans and roaring spectators.  Watch this match now, HERE>

Paul Brady/Mike Finnegan vs Luis Moreno/Andrew Nett- The World Handball Championship Men’s Doubles Final was able to bring in large crowds and media sources all over the Emerald Isle as another Brady/Moreno match-up was in the works.  The world’s two best 4 wall players laced up their shoes and team gear to put on another action packed performance.  In the end, it was Nett and Moreno defeating the two Cavan County men, 21-13, 21-14 to stake claim as the two best doubles players in the world.  To watch the match (on demand), go HERE>

Fiona Shannon vs Aisling Reilly- Aisling Reilly comes out in game one and looks unmotivated, uninspired, flat, nervous and out of sorts; meanwhile, Fiona Shannon has never been better–dominating the St. Paul GAC (the North of Ireland) club mate in the process.  The World Handball Championship finals were set for the two best women players on the planet Tuesday night (Oct 16) when over 2,500 fans crammed into a 2,250 section of the City West Arena in Dublin, Ireland, to see the action. Click HERE, for more>

Paul Brady vs Luis Moreno- Paul Brady was silenced early by an inspired Luis Moreno in front of thousands of Irish fans at City West, Tuesday night.  The World Handball Championships built an amazing three-sided glass complex in a 5,000 seat arena and then ushered in media, fans and the best players in the world to compete for the coveted title.  For Brady, he has not lost at these games since his first win in 2003. Click HERE, for more>

City West Arena- This complex has over 75,000 sq ft of ground floor exhibition space and every inch of the floor has been converted into a handball haven, with 22 portable courts, to include multiple 1 wall courts lining the center. Almost 5,000 seats surround the arena with thousands more standing room only spectator viewing angles. That’s just the first level! Almost 40,000 sq feet of second tier exhibition space and nearly 200,000 sq ft of flexible exhibition space available–Handball is using up almost every nook and cranny of it.

Show Court- Three sided glass construction elevated above the floor overlooking the second tier (25 feet off the ground). Nearly 5,000 people will be able to view the court, not including the live TV screens, LIVE TV, LIVE WPH Broadcast and LIVE direct feed into the Sky Pub inside City West Hotel (plus over 1,500 hotel rooms on Channel 1/2).

Participants- Players from 30 countries (record), 2,100 participants, almost 4,000 scheduled matches; ranging in ages from 9 years old to 90+. The C Division has over 190 participants–bracket on the wall for this division was taller than 12 feet high. “This one division has more players than my local tournament.” Says one Canadian Handball Player. He’s right!

WPH LIVE Broadcast of the 2012 World Handball Championships were to record crowds.  You can recapture the energy and watch the videos from the greatest days in handball history on-demand at plus further LIVE broadcasts and many past show court matches.  Support those that are bringing you these games and make a purchase today.  Thank you in advance!

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[image caption=”City West Arena”][/image]
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Pics from the event here> Part I

Pics from the event here> Part II

Pics from the event here> Part III

Pics from the event here> Part IV


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