The Big Game Hunter Continues to Stalk High Finishes

Posted on Jun 19 2024 - 4:53pm by DV

Big Game Leo Prowls

Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 6/17/24

When we last checked on Big Game Leo deep in the forest from his hunting den in early April, he had advanced to consecutive Race 4 Eight finals at The Red in Montana in February and the Juarez Open in March. After a sixth-place finish in mid April’s R48 Hall of Fame, Big Game Leo was back on the prowl with a semifinal finish at May’s Aces Player’s Championship and another top three finish at the USHA Four-Wall Nationals in June. “My biggest fear is being unprepared,” Leo would tell ESPN’s Kara Mack in an interview at the Player’s Championship.

Three of Leo’s last four losses have come against R48 #1 Martin Mulkerrins, the Race 4 Eight juggernaut who won three consecutive Race stops to end the season.

The civil engineer brings the same meticulous preparation from his career to the handball court. “I watch film to see if there’s a certain serve that will make my opponent uncomfortable,” stated the former star baseball infielder who spends his practices focusing on his serve, back wall shots and fly kill. “I try to stay positive and focus on the game plan and know that I will have to execute and take advantage of any opportunities I get. I try to remain relaxed and not put any pressure on myself pre-match, and I make sure I’m ready to play hard from the first point.”

The pressure is now on the Race 4 Eight’s best to derail the big game hunter, who has transformed himself from a steady grinder in his early years on the tour to a fearless sharpshooter. 

Big Leo Scalps: The Red Through The Nationals (February through June)

def Fink (The Red)

def Perez (The Red)

def Ure (Juarez Open)

def Burgos (Juarez Open)

def Doyle (Player’s Championship)

def Fink (Player’s Championship)

def Nash (The Nationals)

Who will BGL add to his den next season? Count on a lot more scalps. Expect to see Big Game Leo in action during the 2024 Icebreaker Summer Series and throughout the 2024/25 Race 4 Eight season

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