Race4Eight Houston – Deadline Wednesday

Posted on Feb 15 2016 - 6:55am by DV

logo#TeamRace heads to Houston, Texas, for the Annual Texas State Doubles & Jr WPH R48Pro Stop #4, Powered by ESPN3 – February 19th-21st, 2016.  Featuring Paul Brady, Sean Lenning, Killian Carroll, Luis Moreno, Armando Ortiz, Emmett Peixoto, Naty Alvarado, Tyler Hamel; Senior 40+ Pros, Qualifiers, the rest of the Elite Eight and ESPN’s LIVE Coverage!!!

Entry Deadline this Wednesday, Feb 17th @ Noon! Enter HERE>

ada0dcf83ac3a3b81fdd8df44fa82b35cc244566_originalAnyone Can Enter (even those from out of state); WPH Qualifier caps @ 32 players!!!

Highlights: Junior WPH Pro Player Clinics; ESPN3/WatchESPN LIVE Broadcast (Sat&Sun); WPH Qualifying Eight Players; Senior 40+ Pro Stop; Elite Eight Pros; State Doubles; Over $17,000 in combined prize money.

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What’s Next? (anyone can enter)

14234_largeR48Pro #5 March 11th-13th, 2016 – New York, NY – NYAC Invitational: The Return of the Professional Women to the big apple; WPH qualifies up to 44; Elite Men; ESPN!!! Entry HERE>

slc1_760_largeR48Pro #6 April 15th-17th, 2016 – Salt Lake City, UT – Aces – WPH R48Pro V – Qualifiers, Pro/Am Doubles (big $$$) and Elite Men Pros! ESPN Coverage, plus fun 3 Wall Challenge. Entry HERE>

USHA2010_clipped_rev_2R48Pro #7 May 5th-8th, 2016 – Portland, OR – USHA Master Singles – WPH R48Pro V Player’s Championship – 40+ Senior Pros return, Women’s Elite, Qualifiers & Elite Men; ESPN Covers the event; USHA National Masters! Entry HERE>

wph_clipped_rev_1WPH Race4Eight allows anyone to enter at ANY stop, to include the player’s championship in Portland, Oregon. WPH offers multiple drop downs and will regularly play-off from 1st to 16th; so expect much handball!!!  Throughout the season, the WPH holds pro stops at various locations around the country in search of the Elite Eight Handball Players on the Planet (Fab Four in Women’s Elite and Seniors 40+).  Each stop brings cash (over $200,000 collectively), trophies and points.  Those points are tallied up, throughout the season, and are given to those that have the best five of seven showings (men’s elite).  At each stop, those ranked in the top eight will be “named” and seeded in the top eight (blind draw) and given guaranteed prize money; win or lose.  At the end of the season, those ranked in the top eight (top four for Sr’s and Women) will be awarded monstrous Bonus Points (over $30,000).  In 2014/15, Brady ended the season by picking up a $15,000 bonus check; meanwhile, Luis Moreno nabbed $11,000.  WPH paid down to 8th place.

Contact us for details: info@wphlive.tv